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Larweh, Ghanaian Artist’s Carving Brings Attention to Cleveland’s Westside

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Harry Larweh, Born in Accra, Ghana has a strong passion for Carving, and although, Larweh is fairly new to the art world, he uses African Mahogany and Rosewood to create amazing artwork which has captured Cleveland’s Westside attention. His artwork is a showstopper for his neighborhood at 3553 Bosworth Road. In his front yard you will find two large giraffes, tall as tree trunks. While his backyard showcases different animal sculptures, many made from Mahogany scraps. His talent to decorate his yard, gives it an inviting atmosphere, where neighbors can easily start a conversation and build rapport. Not the sort of thing you expect to find in Cleaveland’s Westside.

Following his dad’s footsteps, Larweh was a banker in Accra for many years, Although he was good at his office job, his passion for artwork grew bigger and bigger. Young and with a passion to travel; as he disliked staying put, he decided to move to Holland from Ghana. While in Holland, Larweh met the love of his life, and continued to explore his passion for woodcarving. His 10 year stay in Holland reaffirmed his passion for Carving, a skill he’s nurtured his entire life and didn’t realize until he lived in Holland. 

Following his wife’s footsteps he moved to Cleveland, Ohio in 2010 to be close to his in-laws. The majority of Larweh’s immediate family members still live in Ghana, and his dedication to his home country is still clear. Larweh travels to Ghana multiple times a year to arrange containers of mahogany planks to be shipped to the USA, a very complex and pricey process. Larweh labels himself as a self-taught artist, and says that it can be difficult to create a niche, and make enough to make ends meet in the art community. Lucky he has found an audience, and is continuing to create and design his own pieces. Some of his first recognized work are the carving pieces he produced for Sharief’s Restaurant in Ghana. Everyone found his work to be stylish and original.

Master of Fine Arts, Painter Ron Johnston, a partner of the 78th Street Studios, has been Larweh’s mentor. Lawweh nearly lost his house three times due to tough financial circumstances, but he isn’t giving that easily. You can find some of his art work on: 





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