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Reasons Accra Receives Many Tourists

by The Ghana HIT

Accra is Ghana’s capital city and a vibrant tourist destination. This city receives a significant number of tourists from various parts of the world. It is among the African cities that receive a considerable number of tourists compared to other cities across the continent. Its luxurious accommodations and activities encourage many people to spend their vacation there.

Ghanaians are globally recognized as the most friendly people in Africa. Generally, you are offered a drink or something to eat whenever you visit a Ghanaian Home. Learning a few local Ghanaian words when visiting is suitable for blending with them well.

Music and Entertainment

Accra is an entertainment Centre, with lots of music playing in clubs and bars. There is never a shortage of highlife, reggae, Afrobeat, and other local Ghanaian songs playing in this city. Some entertainment zone, especially beach resorts, organizes live music performances either weekly or monthly. Most of the luxurious hotels in Ghana invite house bands to entertain their visitors while relaxing at the poolside. Several prominent entertainment spots play unique music, and therefore you can visit these spots based on your taste. Statistics indicate that Republic Bar and Grill and Plus 233 are among Accra city’s most preferred entertainment spots. Accra city is well-known for its exciting nightlife activities ranging from clubbing to enjoying cocktails.

Art and Culture

Accra’s art scene is alive, and the city features various galleries with diverse art. Most art lovers enjoy local exhibitions and engagements with local artists. Chale Wote Street Arts Festival is held each year, and its primary goal is to access a more significant percentage of people interested in arts. There are special foundations committed to promoting art in Ghana. Art and culture are key tourism components that attract many tourists to Ghana. Art is a diverse sector that demands lots of creativity and commitment. Accra city is rich in arts and culture, and its visual vibrancy can never be underestimated.

Traditional paintings, carvings, and handpainted advertisements are some things you can spot when moving around the great Accra city. The Arts Centre is a renowned shop where most people stop to shop for crafts and art-related items. It is a famous center with many vendors, so it is advisable to compare the prices before making any purchase. Kwame Nkrumah Mausoleum, Ghana National Museum, and Independence Square are vital historical sites in great Accra.

Participate in Sporting Activities

Accra has many enjoyable sporting activities you can engage in during your visit to this city. Football is among the famous sports in Ghana that can keep you physically active during your stay in Accra. Other sporty activities include hiking, biking, horse riding, polo, rugby, surfing, and hockey. Quad biking is a favorite leisure activity that attracts many visitors from around the world. Sporting grants people a great chance to make new friends.

Explore the Aburi Botanical Gardens

Aburi is a renowned calm and peaceful eco-tourism site where many people can relax and have fun. It is an ideal picnic zone favorable for all age groups. You can walk or rent a bike upon arrival to explore the entire gardens. There is a restaurant within these gardens where tourists can get delicious meals and drinks.

Amazing Fashions designs

Accra City has excellent Fashion design and thriving fashion industries. It features many talented designers, and all the latest cloth designs are painted in many fashion shops. They are committed to making custom-made clothes within a very short period. Ghana is well-known for its original kente clothes, available in various designs and patterns.
Despite Accra being noisy and crowded, it is among the most desirable cities to explore when visiting Ghana.

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