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Reasons the Tourism Department Relies on the Latest Technology

by The Ghana HIT

Technology has transformed Ghana at a very swift speed, and many sectors have benefited a lot. Most sub-categories under the tourism sector, especially the marketing category, have managed to reach a large portion of their target audience. Marketing is much easier when using technology. Various technology uses in tourism result in improved income. Technology has created many opportunities, including sustainable and wellness tourism. There are various reasons why the Ghanaian tourism authority has adopted the latest technology. The top uses include; 

1. Reservations

Today, tourists can make reservations by following simple guidelines online. Most destinations and tourist attractions sites, including hotels and resorts, offer online services. Besides, there are travel websites and applications where tourists can easily book vacations without any inconveniences. Travelers have access to reservations and even get notifications when a reservation is due. The management can track and record tourists’ information and use it to fuel future marketing initiatives.

Initially, approximately 95% of reservations in the travel sector were handled via telephone calls. They caused too many errors due to the variety of reservations, especially during the peak season. Today, these inefficient systems are no longer there, and tourism is more convenient for travelers and the host.

2. Get all Information instantly

Technology is advancing each day, and there is a lot of information across many platforms. There are a lot of details for travelers, and they can look up and compare tourism products on demand. Artificial intelligence has changed a lot; it is a reliable tool for information distribution to many people across the globe. Artificial assistants are versatile and efficient in processing all the desired information, including price tracking, room mapping, and other analytical.

Instead of relying on printed materials that are often outdated, tourists today have access to websites, forums, and social media. Most Social media pages and hashtags normally provide the desired information to tourists. They can use blogs and Slideshare presentations to discover new attractions, learn more about certain destinations, and even interact with other tourists to seek advice and opinions.

3. Experience

Statistics indicate that modern technology has a huge impact on the overall tourist experience.
Technology is generally bound to improve the experience tourists get from their arrangements. There are two main things tech has done over recent years to improve tourists’ experience to the next level. Hotel management agents are able to personalize offers using previous interactions with travelers, attracting them to destinations they find attractive. Technology has made certain experiences available to everyone while taking individual and environmental risks out of the equation. Personalization depends on tourists wants, and this boosts the experience as well as creates a memorable experience.

4. Communication

Technology has improved communication across the globe over the recent years. Various tools make communication easier and more efficient between people in different regions or continents. The modernization of telecommunication networks, expansion of the Internet, and introduction of new apps have made internal and external communication easier and better. Good communication smoothens the travel arrangements and guarantees a better experience for the traveler.

The availability of contactless payments started as a convenience; it emerged as a key part of tourism marketing during the Covid-19 pandemic. With travelers worried about the spread of the virus, many are reluctant to handle cash. Using contactless payments as much as possible can also protect your staff.

Accepting cashless payments is a key technology trend that has increased the number of travelers to Ghana. Travel companies process payments much more quickly, including when customers need access to cash or their credit or debit card. Cashless payments enhance the customer experience since it is a time saver.

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