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The Impact of the Internet on Tourism in Ghana

by The Ghana HIT

Ghanaian popularity as a travel destination is increasing each day. Tourism is a crucial global industry and has contributed to tremendous economic development. Ghana receives a large number of tourists from various parts of the world, especially during the December holiday. In collaboration with the Ghana tourism authority, the government has invested heavily by implementing initiatives encouraging tourists to visit frequently.

A few decades ago, travellers relied on tour and travel agents to organize vacations and enquire about their desired destinations. The penetration of the Internet and social media platforms has positively impacted the tourism industry. The tourism industry has invested in social media platforms to reach out to a larger target audience. The tourism industry has so far experienced a major transformation following the use of online marketing ways.

There is a lot of tourism information on the internet concerning Ghana and all the trending destinations. Most tourism businesses have been using social media platforms to communicate with their target audience, promote their commodities, and create awareness concerning their operations. Some online platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram, allow digital marketers to address a specific audience depending on their needs and interests.

Ghana has so far managed to reach out to a large percentage of potential visitors from various corners of the world by creating some fascinating videos showing the beauty of their country. Besides, social media campaigns such as #decembering are also used to motivate tourists to travel to Ghana during the December Holidays. Engaging social media influencers based in Ghana or other parts of the world has also helped in reaching out to many people. Engaging content and stunning visuals of Ghana create a solid online presence that draws many potential travellers’ attention.

The Major Digital Platforms

Social Media

Facebook and Twitter are among the major social media platforms used to engage potential visitors. Twitter uses trending hashtags related to Ghanaian tourism to reach out to tourists. Some travel and tour operators also rely on social media platforms to sell their services. Some Tourism businesses also share interesting content associated with cultures, occasional celebrations, and critical attractions to motivate potential visitors. Instagram and Facebook also allow for user-generated content, which can increase the visibility of Ghana to a wider audience.
Restaurants have created online pages where they post their dishes to tourists to visit their premises during a vacation in Ghana. Hotels, resorts, and beaches have also created social media accounts where they can post all the content associated with them.


A well-designed website with modern features that indicates the vibrant culture and historical history and shows all the top tourist attractions can motivate some potential tourists to visit Ghana. The website Provides a lot of information regards all the activities that tourists can engage in, significant landmarks, and events. Besides, a website with only tourism content can be optimized for search engines, making it more straightforward for interested people to search for information concerning Ghana.

Content Marketing

Interesting and informative content about Ghana’s culture, festivals, and attractions can attract potential tourists. Blog posts, Articles, videos, and other content provides valuable information to travellers. Sharing this type of content on social media platforms and other websites increases the visibility of Ghana to a larger audience.

Online Advertisement

Stakeholders use online advertising to promote their attractions and events to potential tourists. Online advertising can be targeted to specific demographics and geographic locations, making it more effective than traditional advertising methods. Some Stakeholders collaborate with social media influencers with large followings to promote their attractions and events. Influencers create content about their experiences in Ghana and share it with their followers, increasing the visibility of Ghana to a larger audience.

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