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The Key Components of Tourism in Ghana

by The Ghana HIT

The tourism industry is one of the fastest-growing industries in Ghana. Tourism has various sectors, and marketing is one of the major ones which promotes the growth and development of the entire industry. There are several components of tourism marketing which include;

1. Travel agents

Agents play a key role in tourism by assisting tourists in planning their trips efficiently. They work on offering favourable packages to all travellers regardless of their budgets, seasons, and needs. You should check all the leading travel and tour agents for smooth arrangements.

2. Attraction

Attraction is the primary reason why tourists travel to certain destinations. There are four major attractions in Ghana: Cultural Attractions such as arts, culture, festivals, cultural museums, and cultural fairs that indicate the beliefs of Ghanaians. Natural attractions include scenic beauty, climate, hills, mountains, forests, fauna, flora, rivers, valleys, and lakes. Artificial attractions include landscapes, theme parks, zoos, and buildings.

Travelling to these areas is exciting and satisfying. Interacting with locals and making new friends during a vacation is very important.

3. Accommodation

Accommodations are temporary homes for travellers. Most tourists prefer clean, hygienic, and well-maintained accommodations, comfortable beds, sanitary facilities, and adequate hot and cold water supply. A wide range of accommodations is available at most destinations and areas, with key attractions ranging from tourist lodges to five-star hotels.

Most cities in Ghana are developed and have good infrastructures to facilitate better movement. Most accommodations are either Commercial to non-commercial. Some provide meals and housekeeping, while others don’t.

4. Transportation

When tourists visit Ghana, they explore multiple sites using various transport means. A well-developed network of airports, roads, railways, trails, and adequate means of safe transport are important tourism infrastructures. Tourists enjoy moving from one site to another easily and conveniently. The Government of Ghana understands the importance of a good network; therefore, most cities are developed with faster transport.

Both international and domestic transport is developed for efficient movement to Ghana and around Ghana. The Transport in Ghana is comfortable, safe, convenient, regular, and affordable. In case you are on a tight budget, you can use buses. Private means of transport are expensive compared to public, so consider your budget first.

5. Amenities

Tourist amenities include food and beverage facilities, safe drinking water, good communication, local transport, proper waste and sewerage disposal system, medical services, reliable electric power, and adequate water supply.
Amenities make a trip more complete, enjoyable, comfortable, and convenient. Many amenities are provided as complementary products since they are related to facilities. Most accommodations have key amenities.

6. Activities

Tourists enjoy participating in other recreational activities, such as swimming, fishing, boating, short-haul trips, nature walks, sightseeing, and shopping. Surfing is a major recreational activity on most beaches in Kokrobite. Fishing is done in most rivers and lakes. Riding a traditional canoe is also an interesting activity in most rivers and lakes. Some luxurious amenities offer golf, volleyball, and football. Makola Market in Accra is a famous shopping centre where tourists go to buy gifts.

7. Hospitality

Hospitality is a key component of tourism. The people of Ghana are known for their friendliness and hospitality qualities. Ghanaians are naturally humble and serve tourists with a lot of humility. Hospitality is the act of offering services with dedication, a smile, enthusiasm, and untiringly. Arranging guest room supplies or serving food or beverage in a presentable manner is a part of hospitality. A large number of tourists choose Ghana as their preferred destination because its citizens are humble and serve them well. Besides, they choose homestays because the owners are hospitable.

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