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Foods Served in Most Ghanaian Restaurants

by The Ghana HIT

Tourists are naturally concerned about the meals they will take while on vacation in Ghana. Although most restaurants prepare local and international meals, some special dishes are only associated with Ghana. Most Ghanaian cuisines are made using local farm ingredients. All the local dishes can be farmed and sourced from the surrounding areas, providing the freshest ingredients.

Staple foods in Ghana include yam, rice, and corn dishes. Fish and seafood dishes are famous in the coastal regions. Local dishes are normally served with stews, sauces, and soups made from tomatoes, onions, and palm oil. Side dishes and snacks are also served with some meals. The common foods that are served in most restaurants include;

1. Jollof Rice

It is a slow-cooked rice meal with roasted tomato and bell pepper puree. Jollof Rice is a popular buffet meal served in most restaurants and hotels. It is associated with exciting events such as weddings and other functions in Ghana.

This West African rice dish is the subject of many arguments as it has become a debate about which country makes the best Jollof Rice. Cooking Competitions for Jollof rice between all the West-African nations have been held over the years, but Ghana and Nigeria still claim to be the best. All of the debate surrounding jollof rice should be the reason you must try it. It is entirely plant-based yet packed with flavor.

2. Local Seafood

Ghana covers several miles of coastline; therefore, it offers a lot of fresh seafood. Most of the restaurants situated along the coastal region generally prepare seafood. When prepared well, seafood is very delicious. Regardless of how you enjoy your seafood, you will find somewhere in Ghana that does it better. Crabs, prawns, and fish are the major seafood made uniquely using common spices to make them taste well. Seafood kebab is one of Ghana’s interesting snacks and prominent street food. This snack is made by grilling at least five spice blends. It can only be found in some restaurants.

3. Apapransa

Apapransa is a special meal made of cooked beans, roasted cornflour, and palm nut soup. This dish is normally cooked with a whole crab on top. It is a local meal that is common in most events and celebrations. It is served in most restaurants, especially in main cities.

4. Fufu

This popular Ghanaian food is made of pounded cassava and plantain mixed. Fufu is normally served as a fluffy starch dish with stews or soups. The common soups served with this dish are goat and chicken or palm nut soup. It is a delicious meal that you should consider trying when traveling to Ghana.

5. Tilapia

Tilapia is among the most popular fishes in Ghana. It is enjoyed in a variety of forms, but the most highly recommended is grilled. Tilapia is one of the most loved dishes, which can be served with a couple of dishes. Most restaurants’ menus have Tilapia Ghanaian Style, marinated in chili, white wine, and garlic. Its flavor combines well with Green pepper sauces, a signature sauce of Ghanaian cuisine.

6. Bofrot

Famous street food found on most market corners in Ghana, these fried dough balls are cost-effective and delicious. They can be eaten alone or with breakfast foods.

7. Plantain

Plantain is prepared in two ways, fried or as chips. When fried, this dish has a lovely soft texture and a slight sweetness, and the chips are mostly lightly salted or spiced. It is a starchy meal with a neutral flavor. Most restaurants in Ghana serve plantain with beef stew.

Taking time to go through the list of available meals in your destination country is key when preparing for a vacation.

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