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The Major Food Categories on Eat Ghana Food Fair

by The Ghana HIT

Ghanaian foods are mainly prepared with organic ingredients and varied spices. The key food categories presented during the Eat Ghana Food Fair include Breakfast, main dishes, snacks, Beverages, Festive foods, and Soups and sauces.


Millet Porridge or Hausa Kokos

Millet Porridge is made using millet and several other ingredients that give it a unique taste and color. The primary ingredients for making millet porridge include millet, cloves, ginger, ground dried pepper, black peppercorn, salt, and pepper. It is a nutritious meal with many benefits to the body that guarantees good health. Millet Porridge is a famous breakfast dish that can be taken with a Ghanaian fried bean bun, spicy fried flour dumpling, bread, and groundnut. It is a typical dish in the northern parts of Ghana, and the Hausa people first made it. Millet porridge is sold on most Ghanaian streets. Doctors and nutritionists recommend this breakfast to their patients for faster recovery. This meal digests very fast and is also suitable for small kids. Although there are so many traditional breakfast meals in Ghana, millet porridge is still ranked as the best dish to take for breakfast.

Main Dishes


Ampesi is a famous traditional dish that is generally served in a group. It brings families together, and the head of the family allocates all the ingredients to prepare this dish. The dish is mainly served in a clay bowl called Asanka, and the entire family sits around to enjoy the dish together. The key ingredients to prepare Ampesi are boiled yam, plantain, cocoyam, or even a mixture of these meals. Egg, meat, tomatoes, onions, zomi, pear, and salted dry tilapia are the major ingredients used to prepare the stew served with Ampesi.

Gari Fortor

Gari Fortor is made using mashed Gari and sauce. It can be prepared with water or oil from a complementary sauce to make it delicious. Gari Fortor can be prepared using several ingredients, depending on your preference. This dish is served as the main dish with fried eggs, vegetables, meat, fish, rice, Jollof, waakye, and other proteins. It is a simple meal that can be prepared quickly and efficiently without altering its taste. Gari Fortor is prepared in most high schools across Ghana and is mixed with shito.


Agbeli Kaklo / Bankye Kakro

Agbeli kaklo is common in most streets in Ghana. It is among the favourite snacks because of its crunchy and whopping texture. Agbeli kaklo is perfect when served hot. It is a simple snack that can be made at home with onions, salt, and dried cassava. You are free to add other spices by mixing them well with the other ingredients and mould them into balls. The balls are deep fried in vegetable oil until they turn golden brown. Agbeli kaklo is served with coconut or with sauce. It is a delicious snack that leaves you craving for more.

Festive foods


The primary ingredients include steamed and fermented corn meal, okro, onion, and zomi. It is served with palm nut soup and smoked fish.



Asana is a local drink that is mainly taken in the southern region of Ghana. Its name originates from ‘Asaana’, which means ‘we are tasting’. It is a corn beer drink made from fermented corn and scorched sugar in Ghana. Its taste is refreshing and motivates, and many people take this drink. Asana contains essential minerals such as iron and zinc that boosts bone health and normal growth. The beer is stored in huge calabashes with large ice cubes in them. Asana is either served with evaporated milk or ice cubes. This drink can be taken with or without bread. The drink prevents constipation, blood pressure, and neural-tube defects at birth.

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