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The Purpose of creative art summits in Ghana

by The Ghana HIT

Ghana is experiencing a remarkable art revolution through film, entertainment, fashion, design, visual arts, literature, music, cultural sites, video games, and many others. Frequent summits are held to discuss important ways to strengthen the creative industry. These summits are meant to provide employable tools and educate students and artists in the industry with entrepreneurship skills and knowledge that improve their lives.

The cultural and creative industries offer a good platform to increase tourism, create better infrastructures, create employment, resolve conflicts, support the rule of law, promote media, diversify technology, and modernize all the ancient narratives.

Statistics indicate the Ghanaian dynamic creative arts industry has a great opportunity to thrive. One of the primary agendas of this industry is to be recognized as a key force to be reckoned with. The creative arts industry not only brings entertainment but also educates people on matters related to them. It plays an important role in local rejuvenation and enhancement of the lives in our communities. Besides, it enhances tourism and motivates tourists to visit Ghana frequently.

The education sector has been included and benefits from the creative arts industry. It inspires the development of talent and innovation among young people. The creative industry is the pioneer of various positive social and political changes across many regions in Ghana. It has positively contributed to the society and the economy. Additionally, it generated new sources of income to support creative ambitions in society.

Arts and crafts are the most interesting sessions in schools for many kids. Statistics indicate that kids enjoy coloring with crayons, making statues using clay, folding papers to design birthday cards, and many other activities. Artistic activities improve the interest among children and also exploit their artistic potential. Introducing arts and crafts to kids or allowing them to participate in these activities helps them build their physical and social development. Some of the major benefits to kids include;

1. Boosts Self-esteem

Normally, kids take pride in their work, and therefore, it is the role of the parent or guardian to boost their self-esteem by framing their art on house walls. Parents should Create time to paint with them to improve their skills, confidence, and self-expression. Additionally, it helps them make decisions wisely and overcome challenges.

2. Reduces Stress

Creative activities such as painting help in building healthy habits. It is a good therapy for small kids and adults. Reports indicate that creative activities reduce stress, help express creativity, and bring happiness. Creative activities help build good emotions and turn uncomfortable situations into positive ones.

3. Problem-solving

Creative activities are a good way to express yourself. Besides, it helps kids build their analytical and verbal skills. The ability to solve problems creatively and innovate grows as they continue being exposed to artistic environments.

4. Improved Academic Performance

Art is a key tool in academic performance. The more children are exposed to artistic work, their performance improves. Reports show that artistic kids have a strong memory, perform well, and enjoy going to school. They end up being very creative grown-ups who impact the world positively.

5. Boosts Language Development

Arts boost language development for kids. Generally, when someone is proud of an achievement, they want to talk about them. Kids struggle to express themselves at a younger age, and the more they try, the more they perfect their language. Reports show that art helps kids improve their comprehension and reading skills.

6. Community Building

Arts support building good behavior, and social skills, which build the community. Art is a good hobby that promotes bonding between young people and adults.

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