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Top Tourism Trends in Ghana

by The Ghana HIT

The emerging tourism trends in Ghana are slowly shaping how tourists approach vacations. Statistics indicate that a large percentage of travelers are more confident traveling to Ghana following the emerging trends. The top tourism trends are reshaping the tourism industry and providing some interesting features for travelers and the travel industry. The top trends include;

1. Wellness Tourism

Wellness tourism includes activities like spa treatments, Yoga, and other culinary experiences. Reports indicate that many tourists prioritize their mental and physical wellness on vacation. Modern hotels have adopted spacious designs to promote relaxation and tranquility. Some key modern features include meditation areas, soundproof cabins, and lush gardens.

Wellness vacations have gained so much fame in 2023, so resorts and hotels now offer wellness packages such as personal training classes, nutritional counseling, meditation sessions, and many others. Wellness amenities and facilities are anticipated to increase the number of tourists visiting Ghana seeking to maintain their health. Besides, it motivates many tourists to maintain their health and wellness while on a vacation or trip.

2. Experimental tourism

Social media is influencing the tourism industry positively. Most tourists are now looking for unique experimental spots that can offer memorable experiences to upload online and share with their friends, family, and followers. Experimental tourism involves learning about local culture, history, and the destination’s customs.

The Ghana tourism authority is looking forward to attracting more tourists. Therefore, they have introduced several things which offer unique experiences that connect travelers with the local community and culture. Most hotels partner with chefs to organize experimental cooking experiences where tourists are allowed to join a local chef to prepare any of their preferred dishes. Besides, tourists can join artisans to learn traditional crafts and participate in cultural festivals. Dance and traditional music performances normally spice up cultural activities

3. Eco-Tourism.

Tourism has a huge impact on the environment hence the rise in eco-tourism. Eco-tourism focuses on environmentally responsible vacations and involves activities such as residing in eco-friendly accommodations, volunteering on conservation projects, and supporting local environmental businesses.

In coordination with the government, the Ghana tourism authority is working to ensure that all the tourist sites focus on environmentally responsible vacations. Many hotels and accommodation places have adopted digital technology to minimize reliance on traditional methods such as paper. Billing systems are a leading modern technology helping organizations handle their business digitally.

Statistics indicate that most hotels and tourist spots save lots of money and offer improved customer experience by adopting eco-tourism methodology. Paper production and disposal contribute to deforestation and greenhouse gas emissions. Paperless operations reduce carbon footprint and promote efficient and improved processes.

4. Multi-generational travel

Multi-generational is the travel of various generations. It involves families traveling together, including grandparents, parents, and children, and choosing suitable destinations and activities that cater to all age groups. It is one of the top trends across most parts of the world.

Most Ghanaian travel agencies offer multi-generational packages with various activities for all ages and interests, such as family-friendly water parks, playgrounds, and game rooms. Hotels and resorts, especially in big cities such as Accra, offer spacious accommodations that accommodate big families.

Connecting rooms or suites with separate living areas is one of the key features in most hotels. By appealing to these multi-generational travelers, hotels can offer a memorable and enjoyable vacation experience for families of all sizes while also appealing to a growing market sector that values quality time spent with loved ones.

The Ghanaian tourism and travel industry will continue experiencing more trends in 2023 and beyond. Adopting these trends will position the industry to receive more tourists and cater to all their demands.

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