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The Top Camping sites in Ghana

by The Ghana HIT

Ghana has a lot of experience available for all visitors. It has excellent hiking trails, camping sites, swimming, and calm and serene sites for relaxation and meditation. Camping is fun and a great way to meditate and refocus your life. Ghana has great camping destinations far away from the city and noise. You can go there whenever you take a break from your work or want to hang out with friends or family. The top camping site are;

Big Milly’s Backyard

Big Milly’s Backyard was initially a guesthouse, but it is currently one of the best camping destinations in Ghana. It is located at Kokrobite in Accra and is a favorite stop for tourists to pitch their camping tents in the backyard garden of this resilient environment. It is a perfect choice for all adventure seekers. Big Milly’s backyard has a serine environment surrounded by the famous surfing beach, making it an ideal destination for camping. It is somehow crowded over the weekends because of the many restaurants and bars around it, so if you don’t like the noise, you can go to other camping sites. Big Milly’s backyard offers quite affordable camping rates and is a friendly place for many people.

Kakum National Park

Kakum National Park is Ghana’s most famous National Park with the longest canopy trail. Besides being a national park, it also offers camping services. Afafranto is the area mainly made for camping at Kakum National Park. The park also has a tree house that can accommodate approximately twenty-five campers for discos in the forest. The interesting thing is that Kakum National Park has got you covered in case you forget some camping essentials such as nets, cots, and sleeping pads, among other things; you only need to rent them at an affordable fee. This is a good choice for adventurous camping in a dense forest. Sitting around a bonfire at night makes the experience more memorable.

Beautiful Blossom Gardens

Beautiful Blossom is a private garden and a camping destination for peaceful and calm camping experiences. It is situated in the Eastern regional capital and its gorgeous views. The garden offers exciting activities to engage in. Their facilities are superb, and their charges are very reasonable. As the name suggests, it has beautiful birds and varied types of flowers; they attract butterflies and bees, making the place more vibrant and glowing. If you have never been to this area, you should visit as soon as possible.

Shai Hills Resource Reserve

Shai Hills Resource Reserve is also one of the top camping destinations. It is exciting to wake up from your tents and spot some animals in this reserve, such as baboons, birds, zebras, and many others. You will get an excellent chance to see the sun rising and setting.

Gomoa Wonderland

Gomoa wonderland is a fascinating retreat destination with many activities and games to engage in in the park. The environment is friendly and favourable for all age groups, including young children. The camp charges are affordable, covering breakfast, tent rental, and riding a boat on the artificial lake. This camping site is situated at Gomoa Eduafo in the Central Region of Ghana. It is a perfect choice for camping and all adventure seekers who want to have fun and experience nature. Gomoa Wonderland offers a gorgeous view of the sunrise and a more remarkable view of sunsets. Camping at Gomoa Wonderland is more fun for family, lovers, or a group of friends. All you need to do is pack all the camping necessities and go to Gomoa Wonderland.

You can rent bikes in your camping sites to make the experience more memorable

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