Home Politics Tony Aidoo has said that Akuffo-Addo is borrowing too much.

Tony Aidoo has said that Akuffo-Addo is borrowing too much.

by The Ghana HIT

Ghana’s ex-ambassador to the Netherlands has cautioned president Akufo-Addo for excessive borrowing. Tony Aidoo said that the NPP government has neglected projects and therefore they have failed Ghanaians.

“When I was a member of the late President Mills’ cabinet, I used to tell him that our rate of borrowing is too high. But then there was a rational basis to the NDC’s borrowing. Most of them went into investment projects. Like the establishment of the gas sector. That was what we called smart borrowing.” Tony said.

Furthermore, Tony Aidoo said, “John Mahama too borrowed for impressive infrastructural development like hospitals, schools and roads. But this current administration over the past 5 years, what has the borrowing been used for? Have they gone into any constructive investment for development purposes or they’ve gone into consumption? Akuffo-Addo has not embarked on any development projects that will yield future dividends for the benefit of the people.”

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