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Discover Ghana: A Tapestry of Experiences

by The Ghana HIT

Ghana is renowned for its vibrant culture, abundant wildlife, and breathtaking natural landscapes. With one of Sub-Saharan Africa’s most rapidly expanding economies, bolstered by the cocoa industry and recent oil discoveries, Ghana offers a wealth of experiences for visitors seeking adventure and cultural enrichment.

Try local foods

Begin your journey by indulging in Ghana’s naturally grown, nutrient-rich foods. Embrace the power of Moringa trees, teeming with proteins and vitamins that support metabolism. Craft a revitalizing tea or utilize the leaves in powdered form. Delight in local culinary treasures such as kenkey, a corn-based dish, and banku, a delectable blend of fermented corn, cassava dough, and hot water. Don’t miss the savory red-red stew, prepared with black-eyed peas and red palm oil and served alongside fried plantain, a truly exquisite Ghanaian delicacy.

Explore the Pristine Coastline

Ghana boasts an expansive tropical coastline stretching over 335 miles (560 kilometers). While Accra offers some splendid beach spots, venture a bit further for untouched, pristine shores. Ko-Sa Beach Resort, a mere two-hour drive east of Accra, welcomes guests with traditional, thatched-roof beachfront buildings and more budget-friendly options. Local children from neighboring fishing villages offer peanuts and bananas in a gentle, unobtrusive manner, enhancing the relaxed atmosphere.

Surf at Cape Three Points

For surfing enthusiasts, Cape Three Points presents a secluded haven where you can ride the waves without the usual crowd. This untamed beach, backed by a lush rainforest, spans nearly two kilometers and remains blissfully deserted due to its remote location. Although the journey to Cape Three Points involves a six-hour drive from Accra, the final 40 minutes along a rugged track, particularly challenging in the rainy season, promise a rewarding adventure. Immerse yourself in the tranquil ambiance, swaying in hammocks under almond trees while sipping on refreshing hibiscus juice at Escape 3 Points Ecolodge. Owned by Akwasi, a Ghanaian-Canadian with expertise in sustainable architecture, the lodge features raffia and bamboo-stilted chalets, a dormitory, and operates without electricity, employing compost toilets. The communal beach shack, equipped with table football, provides entertainment for kids, while a natural swimming pool emerges at low tide. Don’t forget to arrange for a surfboard, and consider surf lessons from local instructor Brett.

Marvel at Wild Elephants in Mole National Park

Venture into Ghana’s largest wildlife sanctuary, Mole National Park, where approximately 93 species of mammals, including African elephants, Nolan warthogs, and spotted hyenas, call home. What sets this park apart is its unique opportunity for visitors to approach wild elephants on foot, creating an unparalleled wildlife encounter. Zaina, the first luxury safari lodge in West Africa, offers an extraordinary experience. Guests can observe elephants while swimming in the infinity pool, perched on a hill with breathtaking views of the verdant Rosewood and Shea nut trees below. The lodge’s spacious, air-conditioned East African-style safari tents, adorned with thatched roofs, mostly face a picturesque watering hole.

Visit the Historic Larabanga Mosque

Embark on a journey through time with a visit to the Larabanga Mosque, an architectural gem over 600 years old. It is Ghana’s oldest mosque and one of West Africa’s ancient treasures. Situated in close proximity to Mole Park in the north, this striking adobe building, crafted from mud and reeds, is believed to be divinely inspired. Its design echoes the ancient Sudanese-style architecture seen throughout West Africa, reminiscent of the Great Mosque in Djenné, Mali.

Ghana’s diverse tapestry of experiences invites you to delve into its vibrant culture, encounter incredible wildlife, and soak in its natural wonders. Whether savoring nutrient-rich foods, exploring pristine coastlines, riding the waves at Cape Three Points, immersing yourself in the wilds of Mole National Park, or visiting historical landmarks like the Larabanga Mosque, Ghana promises a journey of a lifetime.

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