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What To Eat and Drink When Visiting Ghana

by The Ghana HIT

Ghana has a variety of foods and drinks for all visitors to try out. Most Foods in Ghana are either boiled, fried, or grilled. The cost of Eating and drinking in Ghana varies depending on the type of meal you eat, local or international. Continental and non-Ghanaian meals normally cost more compared to local meals, and the cost depends on the hotel or restaurant you buy the meals. Hot pepper is a common ingredient in almost all Ghanaian meals. Ghana is one of the African countries well-known for stews and soups prepared with flavorful spices.

Rice Water

Rice water is a typical dish taken for breakfast, and you can miss it if you wake up late. It is prepared by boiling white rice till it is soft and then assorted with evaporated milk and sugar. This meal resembles porridge, and it is mainly considered for heavy breakfast.

Groundnut Soup

It is a common meal that is served for lunch or supper. Group soup is a mild-to-spicy dish with ginger, peanut butter, and fish or meat. This meal is generally served with a carbohydrate such as banku. It is a staple meal prepared by many restaurants or chop bars.

Red-red and fried Plantains

red-red is a famous bean stew prepared with flavorful spices. This meal is made by mixing red palm oil, chili pepper, and black-eyed peas, among other spices. Some people also add smoked fish or meat to this meal. It is among the top food categories you can try when visiting Ghana. Red-red is normally served with fried plantain. Buka Restaurant is the ideal where you can get the best red-red.


Fufu is mainly used as a supplement to stew and soup meals in Ghana. It is prepared by mashing and mixing cassava with plantain or yam to make it thick and sticky. You can get this meal in most restaurants in Ghana, but the Bush canteen is the ideal place for freshly-made fufu. It is easier to separate pieces of fufu with your right hand before dipping them in stew or soup.


Banku is a carbohydrate that resembles fufu in many things. It is made by mixing fermented corn and cassava dough into small balls. Banku has some sour taste and thickness and is taken with a spicy pepper blend. It is mainly served with soups and stews. Banku can also be served with freshly grilled tilapia, red pepper, and onions. Banku is prepared in most traditional restaurants around Ghana.

Palm nuts

It is a bright red soup with a thick texture and can be served with a mixture of meats. Palm nuts are made with ginger, chili pepper, tomatoes, and palm nuts. This meal is available in most restaurants in Accra city.

Jollof Rice

Jollof is a common West African dish that is on most menus. It is made by mixing blended tomatoes and onions, mainly served with meat, and plain or mixed vegetables. Jollof rice is prepared by most restaurants, but Noble chef has the best Jollof.


Ghana has a wide variety of beverages ranging from juices, Coca-Cola drinks, energy drinks, and soy beverages. Orange, guava, and pineapple juice are the major fruit juices in Ghana.


It is a strong palm wine in terms of taste. This drink can be found in most restaurants and vendors.


Sobolo is a famous drink in Ghana, it is also known as hibiscus tea. Although it is similar to passion fruit juice although it has a ginger taste. This drink has a purple red color and is normally sold in water bottles. Solobo is made by mixing soaked hibiscus leaves with sugar, and ginger. You can get this drink in restaurants, chop bars, and vendors.

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