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All You Need to Know About the Ghanaian Food Culture

by The Ghana HIT

Ghana is known for preparing simple and flavorful meals. Most Ghanaian meals consist of thick and well-flavored stews and other staple dishes such as boiled yams. Famous dishes and stews are prepared using spices such as curry, Cayenne, allspice, onions, chili peppers, broth, palm nuts, and garlic.

Certain meals are only prepared in specific regions of the country based on their beliefs and cultures. Millet, corn, and yams are everyday dishes among northern residents, while western and southern people mainly prepare cassava, cocoyams, and plantains. The southeastern region residents frequently prepare corn and cassava since it is primarily dry.

Rice is a common dish across most parts of Ghana. Jollof rice is a famous West African dish with tomato sauce and meat. It is a spicy meal enjoyed in most parts of Ghana. Fufu is another common dish made of cassava, boiled plantain, or pounded rice. Eggplant, onions, tomatoes, spinach, and corn are the main vegetable in Ghana. Meat is a luxurious meal for the rich and a rare dish in Ghana, except during special occasions. Fish is common in the coastal region; it is served with most dishes and stews.

Generally, the people of Ghana take three meals a day. Most Ghanaian kitchens contain an open fire, a large pot for preparing large food quantities, a large iron griddle for frying, and a clay oven. Each tribe has its unique way of preparing dishes, and cooking is easy because it involves determining preparation and the major ingredients and then adding the necessary ingredients.
Ampesi is a typical breakfast dish in Ghana; it consists of a cassava, cocoyam, yam, and plantain mixture boiled with onions and fish. Kenkey is also a famous dish that can be taken in the evening. Lunch and dinner dishes are generally the same. Fufu, palm fruit, fish, beans, eggplant, and groundnuts are eaten alone or combined and eaten over rice or as ingredients in a stew.

Holiday Celebrations Dishes

Over one hundred festivals take place in Ghana each year. Some festivals are based on the harvest season, time of the year, and cultural beliefs. Most festivals are exciting and usually give Ghanaians cultural and spiritual connections. Celebrations involve feasting, dancing, and singing. Plantain dish, known as fufu, is a favorite dish among many people in Ghana on special days. Oto is a yam dish served with hard-boiled eggs for breakfast on festival mornings.

Christmas is a memorable Christian holiday for all Christians across the globe. This holiday can last up to ten days in Ghana. Generally, many travel from various corners of the world to spend this holiday with their families and friends. Friends also take time to visit each other, exchange gifts, and have fun together. A typical Ghanaian Christmas Menu includes chicken stew, cooked or Jollof rice, goat or sheep, fufu, mangoes, oranges, pawpaw, boiled soybeans, and eggplant. Fresh fruits and sweet treats are significant desserts during the Christmas holiday.

Odwira is a famous festival in Ghana; it is the presentation of a new harvest of yams to their ancestors. Either this festival is held in September or October based on the harvest season and the protocols of that year. It is unacceptable to consume yams until the festival is concluded. A great feast is held four days before the start of this festival to honor the dead and the living and feasts. Most festivities include fireworks, sporting events, award shows, and cultural displays.

The rich usually eat out at the best restaurants in the city. This is a common behavior for people living in big cities. Chop houses are normally crowded during the weekends and public holidays.

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