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Fascinating Eco-Tourism Sites in Ghana

by The Ghana HIT

If you enjoy exploring Nature, you should consider exploring the top Eco-tourism site.

Ankasa-Nini-Suhien National Park

Ankasa-Nini-Suhien National Park and Resource Reserve is a beautiful wet evergreen forest with great botanical beauty and richness. It is home to over 43 mammal species and ten primate species, including the endemic Diana Monkey and the endangered West African Chimpanzee. The main tourist activities at Ankasa are Bird watching, Hiking, Nature walking, and Game viewing.

The key bird species include parrots, hornbills, and the rare white-fronted guinea fowl. The Ankasa Resource area was recently established as an International Biosphere Reserve to serve as a nature museum for research. Tourists enjoy twines of incredible formations, river cascades, and “Bamboo Cathedral,” among other interesting activities. The jungle’s unique vegetation and humid air make this park a must-visit site.

Xavi Bird Watching Sanctuary

Xavi Bird Watching Sanctuary is a beautiful eco-tourism site that offers memorable experiences to its tourists. It is situated at Xavi, which is a few kilometers from Akatsi. There is a forest on the riparian zone of the ‘Lotor’ River where visitors are given a ride in a local canoe along the river to watch the varied animals in the forest. The river is about 12 km in length, with the forest along the river bank. Xavi Bird Watching Sanctuary is home to various bird species and several snake species.

Bia Biosphere Reserve

Bia Biosphere Reserve is home to 61 mammals, which include nine primates such as the Black and White Colobus, the Olive Colobus monkeys, and chimpanzees; the area is one of the few areas in the country known to support the chimpanzees. The forest elephant and the highly threatened bongo also reside here. More than 200 species of birds live here, they include the globally endangered white-breasted guinea fowl. The forest is very rich in biodiversity. The National Park is a virgin forest with almost no human interference.

Kyabobo National Park

Kyabobo National Park was established in 1997e. The park covers approximately 220-square –kilometers. Kyabobo is situated in the Nkwanta district of the northern Volta region on the border with Togo. The park features both forest and savannah species of plants and animals. Its forests contain the nationally endangered endemic tree Talbotiella gendtii.

Most people travel from various parts of the world to see this unique mountainous conservation area with gorgeous views and well-protected wilderness.

Mount Dzebobo is within Kyabobo Park and offers visitors an incredible view of Lake Volta.

Kyabobo is a home buffalo, kob, warthog, Aardvark, bushbuck, duikers, and baboon. Endangered species include lion, elephant, bongo, reedbuck, leopards, and hartebeest—approximately 500 species of butterflies and 235 birds.
The park has several challenging hike trails through its rugged terrain. Visitors can join mountain biking, game viewing hides, explore shrines and sacred groves, and have interesting cultural experiences.

Bomfobiri Wildlife Sanctuary

Bomfobiri is among Ghana’s National Parks, which has a distinctive ecosystem and ecological values. This wildlife sanctuary is rich with flora and fauna, which include approximately 140 birds, 26 species of mammals, three species of crocodiles, and five species of primates. This sanctuary offers a satisfying experience to all its visitors, which is unique and natural.

Visitors can participate in interesting activities like bird watching, trail hiking, nature walks, and camping. Besides, waterfall lovers and hikers also get to enjoy exploring the two waterfalls within this sanctuary. There is a varied topography for mountain climbing which offers stunning views of the surrounding region. Kagyaworses, Wala, and Yiribontiri are the major camping sites in this sanctuary. Tourists enjoy every minute of their tour in this park.

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