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Celestine Donkor says that churches should pay singers

by The Ghana HIT

Celestine Donkor has said that it is pure wickedness when churches fail to pay gospel singers whenever they invite them to minister through their songs. She said that the churches should not take advantage of the gospel artists whenever they don’t charge them.

Speaking during an Interview, the gospel musician, said that the artists incur some costs to perform in any event. Some of the costs that she mentioned included paying the bandsmen, backing vocalists and other support teams. It is also the duty of the artist to make sure that their team dress well under their cost.

“It is pure wickedness not to bless a gospel singer after he or she performs at an event. It is against the will of God not to bless musicians who perform in churches. Even when we rehearse, we pay for the venue. We pay not less than GHc60 per hour for the venue. The team supporting me should also look good. And when we don’t recognize their efforts, they will not even pick your calls when you need them again. And so, when you don’t bless gospel singers, it is pure wickedness.”

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