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Must-See Galleries in Ghana

by The Ghana HIT

1. Nanoff Gallery

Nanoff Gallery showcases captivating sculptures crafted from repurposed automobile parts, bicycle wheels, and kitchenware after their initial use. Nanoff Gallery artist and owner Nana Anoff focuses on transforming discarded items into art. The gallery is at 69 Osu Badu Street, No. 12 Airport West Residential Area.

2. Kuenyehia

At Kuenyehia, you can explore paintings, sculptures, and illustrations created by young Ghanaian artists aged between 25 and 40. Kuenyehia also supports practitioners of contemporary Ghanaian art through an annual art prize. This year’s shortlist includes a diverse range of artists and their works, from illustrations to oil paintings, photography, and installations.

3. The Ark Gallery

The Ark Gallery typically features well-organized presentations of art pieces without a specific theme. It’s situated at Shiyie Town on Dodowa Road, near Adenta, a bustling town in the Greater Accra Region. The collection includes abstract art, landscape paintings, surrealism, and street art.

4. Gallery 1957

Founded by construction company owner and collector Marwan Zakhem, Gallery 1957 opened in 2016 with an exhibition directed by Nana Oforiatta Ayim titled “My Mother’s Wardrobe.” The gallery has showcased installations, collections, and performances by top Ghanaian contemporary artists. You can find it at the Kempinski Hotel on the Ministries Gamel Abdul Nasser Avenue Ridge in Accra.

5. Nabuke Foundation

Nubuke is a well-known destination in Accra for enthusiasts of authentic Ghanaian art. It is situated near the Mensvic Hotel in East Legon. Nubuke Foundation is at the end of a left turn, opposite a farming area. The gates lead to a building adorned with African symbols. Inside, there are connected exhibition rooms, a screening area, and a spacious compound with a well-maintained lawn. This space supports and showcases the visual arts and performance culture of Ghana.

6. Art Without Borders Gallery

Art Without Borders Gallery established seven years ago, offers a space for displaying artifacts from various parts of West Africa. It features a diverse range of engaging art pieces, including oils on canvas, crafts, and sculptures made from various materials. Located next to Sobamba Beach Resort, it can be found in Kokrobite, Accra.

7. Tiga African Art Consultancy

Owned by Lily Sefa-Boakye, Tiga showcases art alongside works by a handful of established artists. The gallery also features boundary-pushing art by artists like Seth Clottey. Nicholas Kowalski, a conceptual and visual artist with 34 years of experience, contributes his art as well.

8. The Loom

Established in 1969 by Frances Ademola, The Loom is one of Accra’s oldest galleries, catering to contemporary art enthusiasts. It houses a quality selection of paintings, beads, ceramics, copper wire, and wood sculptures by Ghana’s foremost artists. The Loom is renowned as one of Ghana’s premier galleries, featuring works by approximately 100 artists in its comfortable two-story space.

9. Artists’ Alliance Gallery

Situated along the Labadi Beach connecting Teshie to Osu, the three-story Artists’ Alliance Gallery is one of the largest exhibition spaces in the country. It displays a wide array of content, including paintings, mixed media pieces, drums, wood and metal sculptures, as well as installations. The vibrant Ghanaian street life is vividly portrayed on large canvasses, capturing the essence of legendary painter Ablade Glover. Additionally, Paa Joe’s hand-painted fantasy coffins and artifacts sourced from traditional African settings can be found here.

10. ANO

ANO is an arts institution in Osu, Accra, founded by Ghanaian art historian, writer, and filmmaker Nana Oforiatta-Ayim in 2002. It was recently inaugurated on Lokko Road. This former Alfa Romeo repair shop is now a vibrant hub featuring a diverse gallery, a library, and a bookshop. ANO promises collaborations, publications, films, exhibitions, and events on both national and international scales.

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