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Electoral Commission Disqualifies 30,000 Voters

by The Ghana HIT

Deputy Commissioner in charge of Corporate Services in the Electoral Commission of Ghana (EC) Dr.Eric Bossman Asare has disclosed that about 30,000 voters have been disqualified from exercising their democratic right of voting in the December 7th elections. Dr. Asare has confirmed that out of the 30,000 disqualified voters, 16,000 people have shortlisted under the ‘Multiple List’ while the other 14,000 going under the ‘Exceptions List’.

While clarifying his sentiments concerning the 30000 disqualified voters, the commissioner pointed out that a voter is put under the Exceptional list if he/she has been disqualified based on registering outside the set time whereas the multiple lists contain names of voters disqualified on the grounds of registering more than once. “They cannot vote because they had engaged in infractions,” said Dr. Asare.

The Deputy Commissioner for Corporate Services in the EC has however made it clear that the disqualified 30,000 voters went through the legal process before their eligibility was challenged by the judge in charge. The EC has assured all the registered voters whose registration has no issues of voting in the December elections.

“Your details are intact. Your biometric details – fingerprint, facial recognition – all of them are intact. So, the Commission is assuring all the good people of this country. Once you took part in the registration, your details are intact. You are part of the 17 million or so people,” emphasized Dr.Asare

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