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Exploring Christmas Delights in Ghana

by The Ghana HIT

Are you planning to visit Ghana this Christmas? If yes, there are a lot of places where you can create interesting memories with your loved ones. Ghana is a perfect choice for a Christmas holiday since it has a lot to offer. December in Ghana, in coordination with a year of return, has a series of exciting activities to ensure that locals and tourists enjoy.

Embracing the holiday spirit in Ghana offers a unique and memorable experience. If you’re envisioning a Christmas in a town straight out of a travel postcard, these destinations promise an extraordinary holiday season. While the saying “there’s no place like home for the holidays” holds, these places beckon for a festive visit.

1. Labadi Beach

Situated in the heart of Accra, Labadi Beach reigns as Ghana’s most popular coastal spot. It draws both locals and visitors for its lively nighttime bonfire parties. Here, you can relish horseback rides, savor delectable street food, and sway to the tunes of live bands—all within city limits.

2. Legon Botanical Gardens

Just a short drive from Accra’s bustling business district, on the Haatso-Atomic road, lies the Legon Botanical Gardens. Established in 1950, this sprawling 50-hectare green haven recently underwent a transformation, introducing creative play areas, a 110-kilometer canopy walk, and an exhilarating high-rope obstacle course. It’s an excellent choice for families seeking wholesome Christmas activities.

3. Lou Moon Lodge

For a tranquil and botanical Christmas retreat, consider Lou Moon Lodge. Nestled in Axim, in the Western Region of Ghana, this lodge is enveloped by a lush jungle and boasts a natural swimming pool sheltered by an enchanting peninsula. It offers two individual chalets nestled on the exclusive cape of Lou Moon’s private island.

4. Plot7 Nightclub

For a vibrant Christmas nightlife, immerse yourself in the buzz of Ghana’s most talked-about nightclub, located in Osu. Plot7 offers an eclectic mix of music genres, from techno beats to Afro-pop rhythms.

5. Republic Bar & Grill

Positioned near the lively Oxford Street in Osu, Accra, Republic offers a laid-back escape. With an enticing drinks menu and a welcoming ambiance, it sets the perfect tone for a Christmas gathering. It’s an ideal spot to unwind, meet new faces, and set the mood before hitting the club scene. Note that drinks may be on the pricier side, and it tends to draw a youthful international crowd, especially on Thursday nights.

6. Nzulezu

Approximately 90 kilometers west of Takoradi, in the Jomoro District of the Western Region, lies the picturesque village of Nzulezu. This unique settlement is perched on stilts, adapting gracefully to its watery surroundings. Spending Christmas here with your loved ones promises an unforgettable experience, complete with a walk through the reeds at the lake’s edge and a peaceful canoe trip to the village.

7. Holy Trinity Health and Spa

Located in Sogakope, in the Volta Region, the Holy Trinity Health and Spa stands out as a must-visit destination. Imagine a spa nestled on a tranquil lake—it’s an enticing prospect for a Christmas getaway treat.

8. Zaina Lodge

If you’re a safari enthusiast, Zaina Lodge in the Northern Region of Ghana is your ultimate haven. Positioned overlooking the endless savannah and two mesmerizing waterholes frequented by diverse wildlife, it offers an extraordinary safari experience. From guided walking tours to vehicle safaris, adventure awaits just steps from your doorstep. The lodge also features a stunning pool, outdoor bar, fire pit, and a delectable restaurant. The individual luxury tented chalets, complete with private balconies and both indoor and outdoor showers, offer a touch of luxury for those who relish bathing beneath the stars. It’s the perfect place to pamper yourself with a Christmas treat.

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