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Tourist Attraction Sites that Receive Tourists Throughout The Year

by The Ghana HIT

Are you planning to visit Ghana and wondering whether your vacation will be exciting? Ghana is a perfect African destination with lots of tourist attractions and sites to explore. Although some areas are perfect during certain seasons, others can be explored at any time of the year. If your tight schedule is restricting you from visiting Ghana during the time of the year, then worry because there is a wide range of year-round spots.

1. Ada

It is a perfect site with stunning beach resorts, excellent cuisine, and a lot to see and do. It is one of the best places for adventurous tourists who seek to mix travel with leisure. Ada is where the Volta River embraces the warmth of the Atlantic Ocean, and palm-lined beaches frame a portrait of estuary islands. This site gives many reasons to switch up your routine and spice up your vacation. Marine turtles breed on the seafront, a stone’s throw away from the Songor Lagoon, a bird habitat and wetland area. Ada is the only place in Ghana where you can find an ancient Presbyterian Church next to a 19th-century missionary cemetery.

2. Aqua Safari

Aqua Safari is one of the best places to visit outside Accra if you desire a luxury experience. The layout of the Aqua Safari structure offers a fantastic connection to the landscape, integrating the wildlife to the crocodile island and beach where you can sometimes spot whales. Aqua Safari’s water activities are super engaging for all age groups, and their restaurant is fantastic for families and friends. It is a perfect destination for all travelers looking for a calm or vibrant stay.

3. Cape Coast

All historical structures constructed under the leadership of Portuguese, British, Danish, Swedish, and Dutch colonial engagements along the Ghanaian coast, making up the famous UNESCO World Heritage Sites, are situated in Cape Coast and Elmina. Cape Coast to Elmina is around half an hour’s car ride. These are great towns to visit, especially if you are interested in Ghanaian history. Cape Coats is known as the fishing center, and therefore, tourists can enjoy fishing sessions on the shoreline, and inland is where the striking forest reserve landscape of Kakum National Park can be found.

4. Oasis Beach Resort

Oasis is where you soak your feet in the Cape Coast beachfront sands and enjoy the live music. Their restaurant serves international cuisine, which is well-cooked. Besides, there is a cocktail bar where you can party and have fun. Their nightclub is one to keep you on your feet spinning, especially during their memorable weekend parties. Their huts offer shade for backpackers, and the energetic drummers, dancers, and acrobats add to a vibrant atmosphere.

5. Kukuo Pottery Village

Kukuo is located in Northern Region’s capital, Tamale. The pottery industry of Ghana is a significant aspect of the artifact market, and this Kukuo tourist attraction is remarkable. The local Kukuo women have made their mark as the pioneers and craftswomen pushing the trade for decades.

6. Manhyia Palace Museum

The Manhyia Palace Museum exhibition stock has historical objects on display, including rare artifacts dating back to the early Ashanti civilization. The layout, design, and atmosphere remind me of the most significant West African kingship era. Kumasi is attractive to visitors from all walks of life during the festivities of Adae or Akwasidae, which take place every 42 days. The celebration is where the Asantehene receives visitors and meets his sub-chiefs. Lifelike wax figures of previous Ashanti kings look like a solid shrine preserved in honor of Prempeh I, who returned after a quarter of a century from exile in Seychelles.

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