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Four Exciting Places to Explore in a Day in Ghana

by The Ghana HIT

Are you visiting Ghana for a few days and wondering if you can explore several spots within a short period? If yes, there are a couple of sites that do not require much of your time. Most of these spots do not also cost a lot of money; some are free and easily accessible. Ghana is a beautiful African nation with lots of amazing things to see and do. This country is famous for its rich heritage and culture, stunning beaches, waterfalls, mountains, national parks, and reserves. You can explore the Independence Arch, the Elmina Castle, and the Kakum National Park.

The Independence Arch

One-day trip can begin at the Independence Arch. It is a significant landmark situated in Ghana’s capital city, Accra. This Arch is within the famous Black Star Square, and its contribution to Ghana’s independence was significant. The Black Star Square is guarded throughout the day and night. Tourists are not permitted to take pictures within this arch without the authority’s permission.

It was constructed by Ghana’s first president a few years after Ghana attained its independence. It represents the struggle for independence from the colonial rule. Additionally, it acknowledges all the fallen warriors who died when fighting for Ghana’s independence.

The Arch has three separate arches rising above the Black Star Square. It plays a significant role in Ghana’s celebrations and shows the residents’ desire to continue being independent. History lovers enjoy exploring this great site and learning the interesting stories associated with Ghana’s independence.

Elmina Castle

The Elmina Castle is situated in the Western Accra, Cape Coast region. Elmina is a scenic spot along the cape coast, popularly known for its fishing activities. It is a peaceful town with a unique and fantastic atmosphere. The castle is more than 540 years old. Within the Elmina castle lies the history of the slave trade in Ghana.

Exploring this history with a guide is so interesting because they answer all the questions related to this castle and offer a deeper understanding of the site. Remember to carry your camera since there are so many interesting moments and things that can be captured during the tour. It is exciting to walk around this castle at your pace. St. Jago Fort is near this castle; therefore, you can visit it since the entrance and tour prices are similar.

W.E.B DuBois Centre

It is a legacy museum situated in Accra. An American-born scholar for social justice, William Edward Burghardt DuBois, established this center in 1985. Du Bois was a Human rights leader known as the father of Pan-Africanism. This center is made of four buildings where Dr. DuBois spent his last days, a library, the Garvey Guest House, and Dr. DuBois and his wife’s tomb.

There are various informative books and publications that the late DuBois produced. Besides, a couple of souvenirs are readily available for purchase, while others are offered at no cost.

Kakum National Park

Kakum National Park is among the famous tourist attraction in Ghana, with many stunning sights. It is well known for its canopy trail, unique settings, and fascinating wildlife. Tourists are provided with a local phrase book, camping gear, and hiking shoes to camp or hike in the park.

There are over 400 bird species in Kakum Park. The significant species here are the white-throated bee-eater, the yellow-billed kite, the African hobby, the lesser black-winged lapwing, the long-tailed cormorant, the plain-backed pipit, the African pygmy goose, and the long-tailed nightjar.

Hiking and backpacking are must-do activities at Kakum Park for nature lovers. There are several rare and endangered species at Kakum National Park, including forest elephants, leopards, bonobos, large forest antelopes, monkeys, buffaloes, duikers, and red river hogs.

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