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How to use marketing strategies to improve the tourism industry in Ghana

by The Ghana HIT

Various marketing strategies can be employed to attract more tourists to Ghana. These marketing strategies help enhance Ghana’s public image and improve its awareness. The major strategies include;

Focusing on Branding

Branding helps many businesses make their services and commodities easily distinguishable from their competitors. Branding involves the public image and promotional messaging. The identifications of the distinctive features make you stand out from others. You can come up with beautiful pictures of Ghana and include a tagline explaining why Ghana is a fascinating destination to be. Besides, you can include its specific location in West Africa. Social media platforms such as TikTok, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook can be used for branding. You only need to create hashtags related to the tourist sites for your followers to explore.

Creating A Compelling Destination Website

Most tourists google a lot of information on the internet whenever they want to travel to a certain destination for the first time. Creating an SEO website that is focused on the major tourist attraction is an ideal strategy to attract tourists to Ghana. SEO principles improve the website’s ranking on a popular search engine such as Google. The websites should feature images, virtual reality tours, and videos related to the tourist attraction. A website gives you a chance to communicate with all potential travelers. A travel website provides tourists with comprehensive information about the destination before visiting the place. You can add the best hotel options, restaurants, and bars. Besides, you can provide engaging blogs and articles on your website.

Focusing on the Main Attractions

Highlighting the critical tourist attraction is the top marketing strategy in Ghana. This strategy involves highlighting the major attractions like secluded beaches, mountain hiking trails, ski slopes, UNESCO World Heritage sites, and national parks. There are so many tourist attractions that can make Ghana more appealing to all tourists; therefore, these attractions are categorized under the main attractions. Architectural landmarks, ancient ruins, and historical castles are also significant attractions that increase tourists’ interest in Ghana. When marketing the tourism sector, it is good to entice visitors by including all the unique attractions that cannot be found in any other nation.

Identifying the target tourists

Identifying Target tourists is an essential strategy that helps us know how to come up with other tips that can fully market all the significant tourist attractions. Identify all the reasons why you receive tourists in your country or a particular region. Also, identify their gender and age group that mainly visit these regions so that you can modify the attractions to their interests.
The age group of tourists can range from the younger generation to couples, students, business travelers, and families. You may find out that a certain gender likes visiting a certain tourist attraction; therefore, it is advisable to ensure that the tourist site is suitable for them. After identifying the target audience, you can easily customize their most preferred tourist attraction sites so as to fulfill all their desires.

Using the previous Data to Know The most frequent visitors

You can rely on the previous data related to the most frequent visitors. The data can be obtained from various sources such as offline research, visitors’ books, or a website. Google Analytics can also be used to obtain visitors’ data such as their interests, motivation, demographics, and background. You can quickly determine the average age of all your visitors, their most attractive destinations, and their most preferred accommodations. The data helps you come up with the final data that can help you determine the best ways to reach out to your frequent visitors by offering relevant information about all the appealing tourist attractions.

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