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Interesting Things to Do in Ghana

by The Ghana HIT

Ghana is a beautiful tourist destination in west Africa with lots of interesting things to do. Your vacation in Ghana can never be boring with the various adventurous activities in this country.


Canoeing is an exciting experience, where you ride a canoe for fun and experience the adventure of water. Tourist cruise around the fascinating islands in Ghana and rivers. It is good to Book for canoes experience in advance to avoid disappointments because the canoes must be full before cruising. It is more interesting to go canoeing during the weekends and public holidays between 10:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Canopy Walk

Get a chance to walk on the broadest canopy trail in Ghana. There is enough space where you can turn and have stunning views from all directions. The trail is 138 meters long and 13m above sea level.

Skipping ropes

A podium is linked by wood, cable, and rope to create varied skipping stages on each podium. It is an interesting way to challenge yourself and also exercise. There are four directions of sixty-four games on two levels, and all the directions have a zipline. It involves walking on suspended slats, climbing along a rope net, and swinging from one gallus to another. All visitors willing to participate on skipping ropes should be well dressed in fully closed shoes, trousers or shorts, and hand cloves. It is a fun and exciting experience.

There are several adventurous activities that your kids can engage in; therefore, do not leave them at home. Children enjoy themselves as parents watch them play junior games. Some facilities are particularly made for children, such as Children’s ropes, Trampoline, climbing jungle circuit with plastic slides, Merry-go-round, four-sided pyramid mesh climber, chinning bars, two and four-seat rotary wings, and birds nest swing.

Quad Bike Riding

Guided quad biking experience to Aburi mountains through the neighboring villages, pineapple farms, pawpaw farms, and the local waterfalls. It is a super exciting experience that involves beginners and experts. You cannot afford to miss this adventure activity.

Archery and Combat Archery

Archery and Combat Archery is an adventurous experience for anybody aged 16 and above. This game involves two teams battling against each other with bows and foam-tipped arrows in the Archery Games arena.

Explore parks

Exploring the animal park is one of the adventurous things to do. Various animal species exist in Ghana, but the common species include buffalos, elephants, chimpanzees, birds, Lizards, Lions, colobus, bongo, mangabey, and bushbuck. Bird species include bulbuls, eagles, hawks, the black-collared lovebird, and the endangered white-breasted guinea fowl. It is so interesting to spot these animals at the parks.

The ideal time to visit animal parks is during the dry season, between November and April. You can easily see wildlife during the dry season, unlike the rainy season. Most Parks allow camping within their premises; besides, there are accommodation services in case tourists do not want to camp. When going to explore the park, tourists are required to carry comfortable walking shoes, hats, and long-sleeved clothing.

Dodi tour

Dodi island is an exclusive aquamarine tourism destination where tourists go to experience adventures and entertainment. Dodi world offers an amazing boat experience to Dodi Island, approximately 14.6 miles from Akosombo. The boat can hold a capacity of 150 people.

Explore Legon Botanical gardens

Legon Botanical gardens is an ideal destination for outdoor games for all ages. It is a beautiful place with a cool environment to relax and have fun. It is a lively place that offers various recreational activities for visitors. The staff is committed to introducing more interesting activities to improve the visitor’s experience. They always give you a reason to tour the place again. Kids are not left out; there is a beautiful luxurious playground where they can play.

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