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Northern Regional Minister has banned prostitution in Tamale

by The Ghana HIT

Northern Regional Minister has banned prostitution in Tamale to curb the growing number of coronavirus cases. The ban came a day after 10 positive cases of coronavirus were reported in the Northern Region.

In a statement:
“I am banning prostitution in the Northern Region and its related activities in our part of the country given the fact that prostitution in the first place is not a good thing that our people in this part abhor. I know sometimes it is difficult to tell people not to engage in this activity, but in this period of Coronavirus that we are preaching that people should ensure social distance, we have come to realize that there are a lot of the people who have put themselves under the cover of darkness within the capital of Tamale and some parts of the region and doing prostitution.”

“If you look at the confirmed victims of Coronavirus. Some of them are prostitutes. They have been fished out from those locations and I am using it as a basis to ban prostitution in Northern Region. I am pleading especially with the young men and young ladies [that], we know that sometimes you want to satisfy your desire in one way or the other but at this critical moment, everybody is hot in this region and the country. I am pleading, people should fear God, fear the almighty Allah, our Lord Jesus Christ and stop this prostitution.”

Prostitution is illegal in Ghana but it’s never enforced. The government has been putting in place measures to curb the spread of the deadly virus. This is particularly a hard week with the global number of cases surging above one million with the United States recording more than 1000 deaths in a day. In Ghana alone, there are more than 200 cases with the number rising each day.

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