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Popular Things Ghana is Famous For

by The Ghana HIT

Ghana is a West African Country with incredible natural beauty, exciting cultures, and a colonial past. It is a rapidly-developing country known for its gold and cocoa exports. It is commonly known as getaway to Africa. There are a couple of things that Ghana is famous for; the leading ones include;

Ghana is famous for producing cocoa and is the second-largest cocoa producer across the Globe. The natural environment and climate are perfect for growing quality cocoa. Most of the cocoa produced in Ghana is exported to other foreign nations, particularly Germany and France. Ghana supplies approximately 20% of cocoa in the world. When visiting Ghana, you can dedicate some time touring the cocoa farms to see the entire process of growing cocoa until it is harvested. It is very rare to find chocolate in Ghana since it exports most of its produce.

Gold was discovered during the 7th century, and to date, gold mining is still the largest industry in Ghana. The high demand for Gold in the world has greatly boosted Ghana’s economic growth and development. Obuasi in Ashanti region is the center of the largest goldmines in Ghana. Therefore, visiting this site gives you a better picture of and more profound history of Gold in Ghana.

Ghana has attracted various European nations since 1400 due to its lucrative gold reserves. It was considered an attractive territory hence attracting many colonizers. Portuguese were the first colonizers, then Dutch, Scandinavians, Germans, and British followed. The British ruled Ghana for a very long time, making significant changes in this nation. Some of Ghana’s schools, hospitals, and roads were constructed during the British Era and still serve Ghanaians. There are many historic structures, especially in Cape Coast city, that attracts a large number of tourists from various parts of the world.

Ghana is well-known as a democratic, stable, peaceful nation with excellent infrastructure favorable for development and growth. It is an accessible and preferred destination, especially for first-time African travelers. Crime and theft are rare scenes in most parts of the country.

Ghanaian cuisines are well-recognized in most parts of the world. Most tourists enjoy taking locally prepared dishes. A visit to Ghana is incomplete without trying Jollof, which Ghanaians claim is superior to other West African Jollof. Their closest jollof rival in Nigeria also claims to make the best Jollof in West Africa. The people of Ghana enjoy sharing their meals, and they always invite anyone, including visitors, to share with them.

Ghana has beautiful minibusses known as trotros which are Ghana’s primary form of transport. Although frequent metros, trains, and buses operate in Ghana, trotros are more famous than any other means of road transport. A trotro is operated by only two people, the driver and an assistant in charge of collecting fare and dropping passengers at their respective stages. Trotros operate on given schedules and specific routes so long as they have achieved total capacity. It is a cheap means of transport when you are not hurrying to your destination.

Despite music being a source of entertainment to many, it is a critical component of Ghanaian culture. Music is generally accompanied by drumming and dancing on most occasions. Ghanaian music is subdivided into various categories, but the major ones are traditional and modern. There are various types of traditional music in Ghana which is based on daily experiences. The hiplife genre, currently trending in most parts of the world, originated in Ghana. It is a classic music genre involving combining African beats with jazz. Hiplife has a unique sound that resembles a mix of highlife and hip-hop. Ghana has various hiplife artists who are recognized across the globe.

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