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Reasons you Should Visit Accra’s Art Centre

by The Ghana HIT

Traveling to Ghana inspires people to go beyond their boundaries and have new experiences. Ghanaian culture is special and meaningful to many people across the globe. Finding amazing treasures that remind you about the trip to Ghana is easy. The uniqueness and originality of Ghanaian artwork attract global attention. Accra art center is among the leading points where most tourists shop during their visit to Ghana. Various celebrations are held to support local citizens’ culture, creativity, and innovativeness.

Chale Wote Street Art Festival is a celebration meant to support local artists, create awareness and promote artworks such as jewelry, textile, paintings, and sculptures. This festival attracts a large number of tourists from various parts of the world each year. The celebrations are accompanied by dancing and drumming. Accra’s Art Centre is the largest concentration of traders in traditional artifacts. There are various that you should explore in Accra’s Art Centre, but the main one is to shop for unique traditional arts and gifts such as:

Beads and Jewellery

Most African beads are made using clay, wood, and glass. Glass beads, also known as Krobo beads in Ghana, are the perfect choice of beads to buy whenever visiting Ghana. Krobo beads are well-recognized across the globe for their ‘singing’ trait. Ghanaian beads are available in various colors and are accessible at affordable charges. Pieces of jewelry from Ghana have well-blended patterns of Adinkra symbols. Jewelry symbols indicate something about whoever is wearing, for example, wisdom or courage.

Although Ghana produces the best gold and diamond pieces of jewelry, it is advisable not to buy any jewelry from the Arts Centre since there many jewelry dealers based in the great Accra. Most of them mainly operate in large shopping malls. Most dealers are accountable enough to verify the purity of their materials. Beads and Jewellery can be customized to meet your demands or match your dress code.

Sculptures and Drums

Most tourists like purchasing drums and sculptures as a souvenir. Wooden sculptures are available in the market in the form of combs, masks, and wooden animals like elephants and lions. Drums are available in various sizes and shapes depending on where they have been made and the people who made them. They are made by curving a strong tropical wood and mixing it with cattle, antelope, and deer skins. Drums are great gifts, especially when accompanied by other traditional artifacts.


A large percentage of artists use painting to pass information. You can easily spot amazing paintings indicating modern scenes and traditional heroes in major cities in Ghana. Paintings are mainly found in big galleries, and you can acquire some amazing painting pieces from the top artists in Ghana. The artists paint a portrait with any picture of your choice.


Kente is a unique piece of fabric from west Africa linked with the Akan Culture. It is a garment made of a combination of beautiful colors and patterns. Kente is somehow expensive compared to other traditional clothes, and it is mainly worn during significant events. The indigo patterns are distinctive, and they match various styles of clothing. You can buy your loved ones or even family Kente clothes or any other traditional garments as a gift or a reminder of your visit to Ghana.

When shopping around Ghana, you should be ready to negotiate a good price for Whatever you are buying. It is advisable to take time to survey the entire by yourself because many brokers may end up confusing you. The local artists tend to be more expensive to foreigners than local Ghanaian citizens, especially during the peak season.

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