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How Ghanaian mark the Cultural Heritage Month

by The Ghana HIT

Heritage is a broad term that covers history and culture. In partnership with the Ministry of Tourism, Arts, and culture, the national commission on culture has officially launched the wear Ghana Festival. This year’s festival is based on the theme ‘wear Ghana for jobs in Ghana.’

The main goal of this Festival is to appreciate the local fashion industry and display and promote cultural heritage and the local textile industry. “This year’s festival is an opportunity to promote our national identity and encourage institutions to support our local fabrics and accessories.” the Commission noted.

The national commission on culture also noted, “As the world becomes increasingly globalized, it is now important more than ever to celebrate and preserve our cultural traditions and uphold the integrity and memory of cultures, particularly the Ghanaian culture. One way to do this is by consciously promoting our Ghanaian wear and accessories. Socio-cultural and economic researchers and scholars have indicated that clothing and fashion are key elements of a people’s culture that reflect on the people’s history and customs. Belief systems, knowledge systems, communication, general way of life, and natural resources.”

The National Commission is certain that the wear Ghana festival will help improve and expand Ghana’s culture. The wear Ghana Festival aims to offer many opportunities to young people, particularly those who are in the fashion and accessory industry. Besides, this festival aims to draw international attention and create market opportunities for Ghanaian-based designers.

Key Elements of Cultural Heritage Month


Festivals are a common way of celebrating Ghanaian culture. The local citizens normally wear their best traditional clothes during these celebrations. The most important festival is approximately one hundred, and tourists from various parts of the world attend these events.

Dancing and Drumming

Ghana is popularly known for its traditional music and the dancing that accompanies it. Visitors are allowed to participate in the great cultural activities which are held yearly or after several months. ‘Talking drums’ is a famous art in Ghana, normally used to communicate within the villages and between different villages. There are female master drummers who are committed to teaching people how to drum and dance to traditional songs.

Touring Nzulezo Village

Nzulezo is a beautiful stilted village established more than five hundred years ago above the jungle-bound lake Amansuri. This site amazes many people and therefore receives a significant number of tourists each year.

National Museum

The National Museum was officially opened in 1957 as part of Ghana’s independence celebration. This museum houses some key artifacts linked to Ghana’s history and heritage. National Museum is situated in the great Accra city and houses significant Ghanaian history.

The Du Bois Memorial Centre

The Du Bois Memorial center is a place for pan-African culture. It was constructed to honor the prominent African-American scholar. The legend was a civil rights leader who fought for the welfare of Ghana and the entire of Africa.

National Culture Centre

The arts center and Crafts is a traditional textile market. It is the perfect base where you can find traditional handicrafts from various regions of Ghana.

The tangible cultural heritage includes monuments such as traditional Ghanaian architecture and décor structures, Asante Traditional buildings, British-ear buildings, and European-built forts and castles. The movable cultural heritage objects include stools, textiles, weapons, carvings, tools, masks, musical instruments, pots, ritual dolls, and jewelry.

Ghana has dedicated the month of March to Heritage things; therefore, this is the best month to explore Ghana if your interest is history or culture. A series of significant events are held this month, such as independence anniversary celebrations.

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