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Interesting Details about Ghana in 2023

by The Ghana HIT

Ghana is a beautiful nation with rich traditions, gorgeous beaches, vibrant cities, delicious dishes, and hospitable citizens. It is the place to be and a great destination for unmatched styles.

Ghana is among the Most Peaceful nations in Africa

A survey conducted by the Global Peace Index in 2022 indicates that Ghana is Africa’s second most peaceful country. According to this report, Ghana is the 40th most peaceful country internationally. Peace is normally measured in terms of national security and terrorism.

Accra City is the Most Expensive City in Ghana

Accra is Ghana’s capital city, ranked as the most expensive city in Ghana. It is the second most expensive city in Africa. The abrupt migration to the capital has resulted in increased social-economic problems such as environmental pollution, unemployment, and poor health infrastructure.
The cost of living in Accra city is high, and therefore when visiting Ghana on a tight budget, you should consider seeking accommodation in other cities.

The Largest Open-Air Single Market in West Africa is in Ghana

The Kumasi central market, commonly known as the Kejetia market, is the biggest open-air single market within the West African region. This market is rapidly turning into a tourist attraction centre with main visits from pan-African and other tourists. Exploring the Kejetia market opens you to a great environment of Ghanaian clothes, foods, kente strips, glass beads, second-hand shoes, bracelets, batiks, and traditional sandals. This market is a significant source of employment for a large number of people in Kumasi. Besides, the market has greatly contributed to the growth and development of the Ghanaian economy.

The Kumasi central market has over ten thousand stores, a social, recreational centre, a police station, and many other facilities.

Ghana prepares the Best Jollof across the Globe.

Various African nations have unique ways of preparing Jollof, but Ghana’s style remains to be the best. Over recent years, there has been a sequence of Jollof wars among West African nations. Every nation prepares delicious Jollof dishes. Although some people say Nigerian Jollof is good, a large percentage affirms that Ghana’s Jollof is the Best in the world.
The United States of America Embassy in Ghana affirmed that Ghana’s Jollof is the best in the world through a tweet message.

Although the tweet was not final, it counts.

The Famous Azonto Dance Originated in Ghana
Azonto dance is a traditional Ga dance involving harmonized hands and feet movement. Azonto means wayward girls, this is a famous dance originated from Kpanlogo. Besides narrating a beautiful story, the dance also indicates perplexing experiences of youthful experiences in Ghana. Azonto dance is also considered an imitation of young experiences that also celebrates life and mutual well-being.

The dance is well-known in various parts of the world. Ghana is fully represented in terms of the creative and art scene. Various artists from Ghana are setting international music trends that inspire other musicians across the Globe.

Lake Volta is the largest artificial lake in the World

Lake Volta, is situated in the Volta region. It is a prominent tourist attraction site in Ghana that receives a remarkable number of visitors each year. This lake covers approximately three point six of Ghana’s total space.

Lake Bosumtwi is a sacred place.

Lake Bosumtwi is a natural lake located in a prehistoric impact crater. It has a span of approximately 6.5 miles. Many Ghanaian citizens consider lake Bosumtwi holy. This lake has no inlets nor outlets, it is only receiving rainwater.

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