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Reasons You Should Visit Chenku Falls

by The Ghana HIT

Chenku Falls is a prominent weekend getaway spot in Dodowa, Great Accra region. Its proximity to the city motivates many people to visit the two-level 250ft waterfall and make lasting memories. Swimming and hiking are among the major activities that most visitors participate in when touring these waterfalls. Carrying your swimsuit and wearing good hiking shoes when visiting Chenku Falls is advisable. Chenku Falls is one of the favourite tourist hotspots due to its nearness to the famous Shai Wildlife Reserve and the capital city.

The Chenku Falls has a spiritual link with the residents of Dodowa. The Dodowa people used to observe the Obosomase rituals during the days before Chenku Falls became a primary tourist attraction site. It was a key source of drinking water for all the neighbouring communities. The residents still preserve its purity, and everyone visiting this site is expected to adhere to all rules and regulations. Anyone with a cut is not allowed to go to the water source since the act is considered to pollute the water.

River Tutu in Akropong is the primary source of water for Chenku waterfall. The waterfall stream drains its water to the sea through Ashaiman and Sakumono. Chenku Falls contributes to Ghana’s freshwater resource; it offers healthy drinking water and safe habitat to animals and birds along its way.

The Upper cascade is a bit challenging, but it guarantees some fantastic views when you get to the top. It is advisable to tour the Chenku waterfall during the morning hours before it gets hot. The first level of Chenku waterfall is only a few minutes walk through a small farm.

During the rainy season, you can hear the heavy water’s downfall from a distance. The most exciting thing about exploring this waterfall is descending a rocky trail entangled by roots to access a small valley where the water pools.

The highest level of Chenku Falls requires at least forty-five minutes of walking up the hill to the other Region. The highest level offers some fantastic views of the surrounding regions and neighbourhoods. Tourists follow a different path while moving from the top of the waterfall to a tangled forest and rocky trails.

Although you can visit Chenku Falls at any time of the year, the ideal time to visit these falls is between August and December, immediately after the long rains. During this period, the path is not slippery and easier to move around. Besides, the river is also full, and the downpour is heavy. The falls swell up from the river upstream, and the cascade is more powerful.

There are a couple of things to do when visiting Chenku waterfalls. Check Waterfall offers all visitors an exciting chance to participate in entertaining activities. It is more interesting to visit this spot during public holidays and weekends, although it is somehow crowded. You can take a dip into the shallow pool. The cool water is very relaxing. Swimming is more enjoyable during off days since the place is less crowded. Chenku Falls drains into a shallow pool with a rocky bottom. It is advisable to be careful when trying to swim inside the pool as the rocks may be slippery. When visiting this waterfall as a group, you can camp and also plan for fun parties, especially during the festive season.

To access this waterfall, you are expected to pay a small token as an entrance fee and other fees to access the upper fall. Chenku Waterfall can easily be accessed by either using a taxi, Trotros, or even buses. Trotros may take longer, but they will get you there safely.

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