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Unforgettable Outdoor Adventures in Ghana

by The Ghana HIT

Ghana is a tropical paradise with great tourist attraction sites and exciting activities to participate in. It is one of the best destinations in West Africa, where you can have some lasting experiences with your loved ones. There are various ways to explore and experience the magical natural beauty of Ghana. Unforgettable outdoor adventures range from rolling mountains to beautiful beaches. The Ghanaian coast is a significant tourist attraction spot where most people go to relax and have fun attending various beach activities.

Although a large percentage of tourists like travelling alone or with their loved ones, the most recommended way to explore Ghana is by joining a group tour, group tours allow visitors to make new friends and share their emotional experiences with like-minded fellows. Besides, you can meet people you already know while in a group.

Group tours are satisfying, and they meet the needs of most travellers. The guides offer a one-of-a-kind experience to the visitors by providing thrilling and unique elaborations to all visitors, depending on their age. The guides allocated to groups are professional and know almost everything about magical Ghana.

The people of Ghana are hospitable and friendly; their welcoming nature motivates many people to visit Ghana. There is a lot to see and discover in Ghana; the tourism authority, in collaboration with travel agencies, always ensures that tourists get to see the best of the best while on vacation. Besides, they ensure they deliver their clients seamless, transformative, and unforgettable travel experiences.

The Kakum National Park is a must-visit site offering some unforgettable memories. You can walk on the forest floor and have fascinating bird and butterfly views. It is possible to spot some rare mammal species like Diana Monkey, Bongo, Yellow-Backed Duiker and the elusive forest elephant. The famous canopy walk at Kakum National Park is approximately 100 feet long and has seven bridge viewing platforms. Besides, the canopy is 150 feet above the ground, and it guarantees a great chance to interact with the mother nature of Ghana and relieve all the stress. It is a perfect destination for families, solo travellers, and group tours.

The rich history of the Transatlantic enslaved person is evident at the Ghanaian castles and forts. The Cape Coast Castle indicates the darkest deeds against human beings; all the enslaved people captured from various regions of Africa resided at the castle before being ferried to their destinations. The slave trade took place in the mid-17th century, and most innocent people lost their lives. The ‘gate of no return’ was the last exit stage as the slaves took their final look at their home continent. Elmina Castle indicates how the slave masters mishandled slaves in their dungeons. Besides, you can find your roots in Africa at these castles.

The famous Ashanti kingdom started existing long before the colonial era. Tourists visit this kingdom to learn more about the great leaders and kings of this kingdom. There is a rich cultural heritage associated with the Ashanti kingdom. The Ashanti Kings had their official residence at Manhyia Palace until 1974. It is interesting to learn about the ancient times of this Kingdom and all the efforts that have been made to preserve their culture and traditions for all generations to experience.

It is advisable to consider travelling with some of the international travel agencies since they are well-informed about Ghana’s most visited sites. Most international agencies are experienced in preparing tailor-made explorations and blending all the key attraction sites to suit the visitor’s expectations. A thrilling experience motivates visitors to tour the country more often.

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