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Strategies to promote tourism in Ghana

by The Ghana HIT

Ghana is a prominent West African destination blessed with some of the most beautiful sites across the globe. A large percentage of all the tourist attractions are in their natural status, and therefore, most nature lovers enjoy exploring this nation. Besides, ecotourism sites make Ghana an ideal destination for real tourism adventure. The spectacular, scenic tourist attractions, hospitable citizens, and delicious food increase the fame of the Ghanaian tourism industry.

Tourism is a critical pillar in the economy of Ghana, and therefore promoting tourism positively affects the economy. Every citizen’s role is to promote tourism by sharing beautiful moments online or posting key tourist attraction sites. The promotion of domestic tourism is a mutual role that demands the concerted efforts of all stakeholders-policy makers, private industries, traditional authorities and local citizens.

Ghana is well-known for its democracy and political stability, and over the years, it has proven to the entire globe that it can be trusted when it comes to the safety of tourists. Local citizens promote local tourism in various ways, improving the general tourism status.

Although the Ghanaian government relies on foreign tourists and visitors to acquire massive revenues, promoting local domestic tourism can also be a key source of income. The desire to promote regional tourist attraction sites is quickly growing faster, impacting Ghanaian domestic tourism positively. Statistics indicate that a certain percentage of civilized locals have been helping the government promote tourism.

A vibrant domestic tourism sector empowers people and transforms general living standards. Most countries that have already enrolled on the idea of tourism promotion are already benefiting. Most communities have already been transformed into attractive tourist sites, increasing local participation.

World-class sites have been launched to acknowledge Ghana’s past and celebrate its newfound unity. Besides, the number and quality of community village tours have grown dramatically. Ghana has a vast collection of monuments in forts and castles, reverential sites and much more which have become a constant reminder of our historic role in the activities of the Transatlantic Slave Trade era.

While people may be inclined to visit some of the prominent tourist attractions sites only during holidays, a change in perspective could make it a regular exercise that could attract more foreigners. So instead of waiting to plan for a group tour to Kakum Park during certain days, they could go there on weekends instead.

In times when new media and advanced technology are making it possible to do everything and anything practically, Ghana uses technology tools to drive tourism numbers domestically. Social media guarantees a fantastic chance to achieve all this.

The introduction of tourism clubs and environmental protection societies in schools is a great way to increase interest in domestic tourism. Besides, a large number of Ghanaian youth are involved in promoting tourism to reach a large number of people.

Annual leave from workers should be mandatory to ensure workers get time to visit tourist sites. Also, there should be a policy that workers who do not take their leave automatically forfeit their leave allowance. In case, this policy does not favour all workers, they should be motivated to visit local tourist attractions whenever they are on break. This policy can be a great move especially for teachers.

Still, more can be done to improve the enthusiasm and desire to patronize domestic tourist sites. In coordination with the Ghana tourism authority, the government is working tirelessly hard to ensure that the tourism industry improves its performance. Tourism is a primary source of income for a large number of local citizens, and its expansion means more opportunities. Promoting tourism improves the general performance of Ghana.

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