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The 2023 Kwahu Paragliding Festival.

by The Ghana HIT

The Kwahu festival is an annual event held every Easter in the Eastern Region. The initial paragliding festival was held in 2008, and the organizing committee has been working towards making the event successful. The tourism sector’s main agenda is to make Ghana a preferred tourist destination in Africa. To achieve this goal, the tourism ministry introduced paragliding festivals and other tourist attractions activities to capture the attention of many tourists. Paragliding has made Ghana a preferred destination for many tourists over the last fifteen years. The number of tourists attending this festival has been increasing each year, forcing the expansion of the take-off point on the Odweanoma mountain.

A few days ago, the Ghana Tourism Authority officially launched the 2023 paragliding Festival at Kwahu Nkwatia. Kwahu paragliding festival attracts many tourists each year from various world continents. It is a key source of income and revenue in Ghana.

Kwahu is a perfect destination for paragliding because of its favorable conditions and nearness to the great Accra. Tourists can organize a trip to kwahu and participate in paragliding activities on Sunday or Saturday. Paragliding mainly relies on weather conditions, and therefore it is advisable to confirm the weather forecast before organizing or booking a weekend trip to Kwahu.

Speaking during an interview, the Deputy Chief Executive officer of general services at GTA revealed that all stakeholders and pilots are already prepared for this year’s event. He noted, “Our goal is to drive domestic tourism, and so occasions like Easter are very big opportunities for us to encourage people to move around to participate in events along the way, and one of the big things we have been doing for the past fifteen years is the Paragliding Festival.”

“It is a four-day exciting fun and flying experience. We have observed that each year around Easter, hotel prices are hiked. It is not a new phenomenon because people are always here [during the festival period], and this has the long-term potential to threaten the patronage of the festival, so we would like to encourage the hotel operators to be moderate and considerate with their pricing to encourage patronage of the festival.”

The Kwahu paragliding Festival involves two days of adrenaline-pumping paragliding over the mountains, hiking at the tallest mountains and waterfalls in Ghana, and exploring historical sites and structures. Besides, all participants and tourists are entertained by live musical concerts, local dances, and traditional games.

Tandem flights are the best option for first-time paragliders or anyone who desires to experience the joy of paragliding without committing to a complete training course. Experienced pilots accompany these flights.

If you are planning to attend this year’s Paragliding Festival, you can book with the leading travel agencies and operators linked to this event. You should be aware that the charges of visiting Ghana during this time are somehow expensive because service providers take advantage of the large number of people visiting Ghana.

Some agencies offer an-inclusive travel packages, which include entry fees for other tourist attraction sites, tour guides, meals, accommodation, and transport. The charges mainly depend on the number of days you will spend in Ghana. Various travel agencies can help you organize successful trips from the great Accra to Kwahu for paragliding. They generally offer customized packages suitable to everyone regardless of their budgets and preferences.

It is an exciting event that should be added to your top list. You should purpose to attend this year’s paragliding exercise. Depending on the experience, the pilots offer a chance to fly the flights under their guidance.

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