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The Best Sectors to Invest in Ghana’s Tourism Industry.

by The Ghana HIT

Before any investment, most people analyze the returns and benefits associated with such businesses. There are several luxurious sectors where people can invest and reap huge returns. Ghana is a fascinating destination with fantastic tourist attractions sites.

Statistics indicate that Ghana has approximately 30 nature and wildlife resorts, 40 castles and forts, 15 monkeys, butterflies, snakes, crocodile sanctuaries, eight waterfalls, and 12 beach resorts. Besides, there are 20 historic sites, 10 craft villages, and cultural sites.

Hospitality is a crucial tourism sector that can determine the number of tourists traveling to a particular nation. The Ghanaian hospitality industry has been striving to ensure that they deliver the best services to attract large numbers of tourists from various parts of the world

Food Tourism

Food is a crucial necessity for everyone; therefore, most visitors are concerned about what they will eat when they reach their preferred destinations. Ghana has been working hard to up its game in the food tourism sector. A good restaurant with all types of dishes is crucial for all tourists.

The food tourism potential is growing at a fast rate in Ghana. International tourists on vacation in Ghana try a large percentage of the various Ghanaian dishes. This suggests that there is still a big market of all tourists interested in local dishes, and therefore food culture in Ghana can be easily nurtured to grow the interest of a large number of tourists.

Besides, the great interest in Ghanaian foods can be sustained by improving the packaging, the quality of services, and offering a clean and relaxed eating environment. This is achieved by developing some regulatory bodies that ensure that the eateries have a clean environment conducive to eating. The Ghana Standard Board, the Ghana tourist board, and the Food and Drugs Board are significant bodies regulating the operation of restaurants and other spots associated with food.

Some foreign nations have taken advantage of investing in the food sector by constructing some luxurious restaurants in major cities such as Accra. However, there is still a great demand for more restaurants that prepares local dishes such as jollof rice, banks, waakye, fufu, and many other dishes. Potential investors can invest in Ghana-themed eateries. Since Ghana is rich in lots of agricultural products, starting an eatery is somehow easy.

Tour Operations and Destination Marketing

Reports indicate that a large percentage of visitors are motivated to tour Ghana depending on the tour operations and destination marketing. There is so much opportunity in the private sector.
Ghanaian investors can create packages based on all the destinations in Ghana, with the aim of reaching all potential travelers, especially indigenous adventurers.

Some packages are specifically made for lovers, families, and groups. Besides, other packages are meant for certain holidays and seasons. These packages come with specific benefits to motivate tourists who want to visit such areas.

Destination marketing motivates tourists to keep on visiting and exploring the various attractions. Additionally, investors are encouraged to invest in the hospitality sector. With Good planning skills and excellent marketing procedures, achieving tour operations and destination marketing is straightforward.

Cultural Events Marketing

Event marketing is a major sector in the hospitality industry. A well-packaged cultural event has great potential to attract lots of tourists to Ghana. Reports indicate cultural events attract a considerable number of tourists from various parts of the world, improving the overall revenue collected. Besides, it also boosts the income of any other business associated with the hospitality industry. A well-planned and consistent cultural event will undoubtedly have a positive impact since it will generate a lot of good feedback, which would, in turn, attract more visitors to the next edition.

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