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Enjoyable Camping Activities for Kids in Ghana

by The Ghana HIT

Camping is a unique trip idea for friends who love family away from crowds and noise. You can decide to go to a local campsite or even go for a road trip away from your locality. Once you decide where to visit, planning a series of activities you consider doing during the camping period is advisable. There is a list of endless activities that can lighten up your camping days and make them more memorable.

When going on a family camping trip, you should consider all the activities that your kids will engage in. Outdoor activities help kids overcome restlessness and boredom. Besides, it helps them manage stress and stay happy and motivated. Since most kids spend more time indoors, camping is an exciting vacation that helps them relax. Ghana’s major family camping sites include state parks, national parks, private campgrounds, and public campsites. This site offers incredible services to all its visitors.

The top camping activities for kids include;

1. Build a Campfire

Let the kids prepare the campfire for an evening around the pit. The kids should collect short sticks, small twigs, and large logs. Light the fire and ensure that the kids stay safe by drawing a zone of around two to five feet around the fire and telling the kids not to pass the line. If your family loves music, you can sing some campfire songs. Parents can request their kids to entertain them with dance moves. Besides, you can share some interesting stories that involve everyone in the family.

2. Go for a Scavenger Hunting

This entertaining activity involves identifying specific plants, leaves, flowers, marshmallows, bottle caps, marbles, and other things around your campsite. This can be done about an hour before it gets dark.

3. Hike

Going for a hike is a fulfilling way to explore the areas around your campsite with your family. Always ensure your kids are in comfortable shoes before hiking around the place. You can also use a bike to explore the region.

4. Enjoy Campfire stories

Campfire stories make a camping experience memorable and complete. You can share some spooky tales with the kids aged five to ten. Ensure that you share less scary stories with the young children. You can even share some personal experiences with the children. Besides, you can encourage the children to write stories around the fire.

5. Ask entertaining questions

Camping is a great chance where you can bond as a family. Since there are no distractions, you can ask some fun questions. Get to know your children’s perspectives about family, school, and friends. Ask about their favorite vacation destination and what makes them happy or sad.

6. Play Lawn Games

Remember to carry some lawn games from home like ring toss, lawn darts, or cornhole. Also, you can take time to teach children other outdoor activities and modern techniques. These games are very relaxing, especially during the evening before lighting a campfire at night.

7. Ask Your kids Some Trivia Questions

You can test your children’s knowledge with some trivia questions. It is advisable to list specific questions about nature, animals, tourism, technology, and plants. Before making any trivia questions, consider your kid’s interests.

8. Draw and color

Camping is a fantastic time when the children can draw and paint. Remind your kids to pack some paper and crayons. You can encourage them to try some other activities with their colors. Most kids enjoy picking leaves, joining them with a piece of paper, and coloring them using crayons. Other kids press leaves and flowers into a book as memories of their camping adventures.

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