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The Ghana World Theatre Day 2023

by The Ghana HIT

The international Theatre institute designated March 27 every year to be world theatre day. Ghanaians celebrate the significance and beauty of theatre arts each year. Theatres arts play a crucial role in informing all key stakeholders, politicians, and governments around Ghana and Africa to understand the importance of theatre to the people and its potential for economic growth.

Key things that are done during the World Theatre day

Visiting National Theatre

This day is commemorated by visiting the national theatre, and some people buy tickets to witness live performances. The National Theatre runs acting and music programs, so you can register with the committee if interested. Besides, group activities are specifically meant to advocate and grow the theatre arts.

World theatre day motivates Ghanaians to use their creativity to promote the Ghanaian arts. Some various associates and organizations are fully dedicated to making the day successful; therefore, interested parties can donate through these organizations. Additionally, you can follow up on all the updates related to the theatre across all the platforms.

Anyone, regardless of age and gender, can visit the national theatre to join the celebrations. World theatre day is the perfect opportunity to take your children into the theatre because many shows are specifically meant for kids. Entertainment and education are the major reasons kids can join the celebrations.

Significance of the National theatre day

National Theatre day creates awareness concerning the beauty and importance of art. The national theatre community plans yearly performances and creative award presentations to promote drama, craft, and music.

National theatre day raises international awareness about the subcategories of theatre. Most of these categories have existed for many years, while some just evolved several years ago. Although Some theatre craft is more famous than others, they all serve the same purposes and agenda. The main agenda of theatre craft is relaxation, entertainment, and education.

Communities take advantage of national theatre day to promote their works and craft. Creative minds in theatre and the best craft are presented during this day.

Ghanaians celebrate theatre day to motivate all the locals to safeguard peace, love, culture, and togetherness. The performances are based on everyone’s role, regardless of their culture, to safeguard the unity of Ghana. Theatre performances mainly reflect what is happening in society, praises the good things that happen in society, and discriminates the bad all the bad things in society.

How Ghanaian celebrate the Day

Culture, Music, Dance

Pouring libation and various ethnic group dance performances signify culture’s importance to peace. Wearing African attire during the performance and using the local language indicates culture. Old-school music and dances are very common at the Ghana National theatre. Theatre professionals, universities, enthusiasts, and other members normally join hands every year to make the event a success. The significance and the value of theatre are emphasized in all gatherings to improve its penetration in most areas.

A theatre is a famous art form and fun to all its followers. The Ghana national theatre has nurtured many people to the top of their acting careers. It is a platform for many talented young people who are bold enough to demonstrate their craft. Many schools normally take pupils to the national theatre to watch live art and literature performances. The initial theatre celebrations were held in 1962 following president Arvi Kivimaa. Most nations across the globe dedicate this day to celebrating theatre and culture and appreciating local music and dances. This year’s world theatre day will happen soon; therefore, you can join Ghanaians.

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