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The Impact of Cultural Trends on Ghana’s Economy

by The Ghana HIT

Ghana has more than fifty ethnic groups with unique beliefs and values that represent the overall national heritage. Each group has distinctive cultural features and traditions that represent their way of living. The culture of people has a big influence on society and people’s way of living. Culture determines trends and shapes how people think, feel, or act.
Pop culture is directly connected with commercial cultures like fashion, movies, music, television, and radio. Commercial culture is more popular among young people due to their involvement in social media and other media platforms such as print media, video games, and smartphones.
The main cultural trends affecting the Ghanaian Economy include;

1. Technology

Technology has positively affected the way people live and how they do business. Most people in Business rely on modern gadgets such as computers, phones, and tablets to conduct market research and avoid any perceived risks. Marketers depend on technology to communicate with consumers, and this has resulted in a positive impact on economic growth.
Insight-driven tools such as google analytics help marketers connect with their target audience with the right products and services. There is a changing trend in consumer purchases on online platforms. It is necessary to understand consumers’ online activities to remain relevant in commerce.

2. Fashion and Appearance

Fashion and Appearance vary from country to country, and Ghanaian culture is no exception. Generally, most people in Ghana are old school about dressing and appearance. People have become more open-minded on matters associated with global fashion trends. Local cosmetic industry are aware of modern trends and therefore they are working to all consumers demands.

Marketers in fashion and appearance have devised a way to engage consumers through conducting beauty competitions whereby the best works. It is advisable to identify the desired needs and wants of target consumers by conducting awareness driven campaigns.

3. Faster Access to Information

The worldwide web, social and digital media provide faster access to information. Many people in Ghana are learned and fully informed on how to evaluate products and services. Many customers take time to conduct an online survey before making the final decision on whether to make a purchase or not. The customers evaluate the financial, emotional and social risks, mainly linked to their cultures, before making a decision to purchase.

The changing cultural trends greatly impact decisions related to brands and products that people choose. Many people running businesses rely on technology to understand consumer behaviors to remain relevant in business.
Remote working is a trend in Ghana, especially for large organizations, government institutions, and agencies. Many businesses adopted remote working in response to the Covid-19 pandemic, and so far, the trend has assisted the government of Ghana in reviving the economy. Outsourcing is also a common trend in business, it guarantees data security, correct information, and digital monitoring.

Many business people are shifting from the old-fashioned model emphasizing labor cost reductions to offering all-inclusive sector-specific services. Most organizations are working towards achieving augmented processes, highly skilled personnel, improved proficiency, and lower costs. The Increased competition between information Technology subcontracting services workers from various regions will eventually result in the delivery of improved quality solutions for most Ghanaian businesses.

The global pandemic negatively affected the operation of many organizations, and therefore most businesses have adopted creative solutions to ensure that their businesses keep running well. The rapid social and technological changes have had a huge impact on contemporary society. Cultural trends have served as key pillars in reviving the Ghanaian economy.

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