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The Magnificent Kumasi Zoo

by The Ghana HIT

The Kumasi Zoo Garden was established in 1951 and formally launched by the Asanteman Council in 1957. It was launched to conserve the environment and as a home for several native wild animals, as a reserve for orphaned animals, and as a source of income. It is situated between the Kumasi Kejetia Bus Terminal and Kumasi Centre, on a 1.5km square area.

The Kumasi Zoo is home to some vanishing and endangered types of animals. It is also a beautiful place where tourists can relax and have a great time exploring the Zoo. The famous Zoo has around sixty types of wild animals, chimpanzees and other monkeys, buffalos, birds, reptiles, lions, and elephants are key wildlife in this Zoo.

It is a scenic site with a calm and peaceful environment; it is indisputably a favorite tourist spot. You can visit this epic destination with your entire family or your lover. Nature-lovers should include Kumasi Zoo to their list while in Ghana.

On arrival at the Kumasi Zoological Garden, tourists are allocated well-trained tour guides who walk with them around. They are friendly and very welcoming, so do not fear asking them any questions about the Zoo or the animals in this Zoo.

The Kumasi Zoological Garden serves as a breeding center for rare species becoming non-existent because of human practices such as hunting and timber logging. Breeding sections are for nursing animals and ensuring they are in good conditions before they are released to interact with other animals.

The Kumasi Zoo also focuses on educating the public by creating awareness of wildlife preservation and conservation. The Zoo will achieve its mission by having a balanced ecosystem that ensures the upcoming generations will be aware of wildlife.

Students and other researchers mainly rely on Kumasi Zoo as a source of some vital information. The Zoo has the required resources to help scientists carry out their research and other laboratory activities. A large number of scientists carry out research related to disease transmission methods and the different behavior of various animals and their communication with human beings. The local school pupils and students are frequent visitors to this zoo.

The Kumasi Zoo is among the key tourist attractions in Ghana and the Ashanti Region. Although the Zoo is somehow neglected financially, it still has excellent staff and receives good management. It is categorized among the eco-tourism developments in Ghana. Both Ghanaian citizens and foreigners are free to adopt an animal from this Zoo; after the adaptation, you are required to donate some finances to take care of the needs of the adopted animal. The Barclays Bank of Ghana has already adopted an eagle, and so far, they are taking good care of it.

Following the increasing number of people touring the Kumasi Zoo, management has turned out to be challenging. Although most visitors come here intending to see and interact with the animals, a small number like handling the animals in undesired ways, which in turn results in injuries to these animals—others end up dirtying the clean environment by carelessly disposing of their food packages, and water bottles.

The Cultural Centre is situated next to the Kumasi Zoological Garden.

It is a famous tourist attraction in Kumasi City, and since the Zoo shares a wall with it, tourists can visit and explore both sites simultaneously. The Zoo indicates the relationship between culture and wildlife. Walking from the Cultural center to the Zoo makes the visit more worthwhile. There is an ample parking space near the Cultural Centre Wall.

There are good hotels and restaurants around the Zoo. The hotels are secure and are under good management, the rooms are ever clean, and meals are served in time. In case you are late, you can comfortably spend your night here. Besides, the Restaurants around this place prepare traditional dishes and other common dishes that you can try while at this place.

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