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The Top 5 Best Beaches in Ghana

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Beaches are normally a major tourist attraction in any country that is privileged to have them and Ghana is no exception. Ghana is located in the tropics where the sun shines all year round. This has made Ghana a major tourist destination for many and one of the main attractions is the beaches. We will take you through 5 top beaches in Ghana that you must visit as a tourist. Here are the best beaches in Ghana.

1. Labadi Beach

The Labadi beach is located in the capital Accra and it’s one of the best beaches in Ghana. The beach has actually been divided into two sections, a section for the general public and another more private section for guests of the Labadi Beach Hotel. The hotel hosts international guests and premier events for Ghanaians.

The Labadi beach can attract thousands of visitors on a holiday. It’s a fun place to be if you want to have a good time during your stay in Ghana. This beach is kept neat and has many side attractions like horse riding, volleyball, beach soccer, surfing etc.

User @DirectorBanini on twitter shared some recent images from his trip there

2. Coco Beach

The Coco beach is a marvelous beach in Ghana located on the coastline of Accra. The beach is rather unique with nice clear sand as well as interesting rock formations that can be explored at the shorelines if you are the adventurous type. You will also find sea creatures like crabs, fish, oysters and maybe even an octopus. The Coco beach is a very relaxing beach with many activities for tourists.

The Ramada resort at Coco Beach is one of the nicest coastal getaways in Ghana. Check our their Twitter with some stunning pictures

3. Busua Beach

If you are looking for a quiet and secluded beach where you can enjoy the cool night breeze then the Busua beach located in Takoradi is the best Ghanaian beach choice for you. Takoradi is a city that can be found on the coast about a 5-hour drive from the capital Accra. Busua Beach is a preferred destination for tourists and anyone who wants to have a peaceful getaway from their busy lives.

Gorgeous Sunsets are plentiful at the slowed-down pace of Busua

4. Bojo Beach

Many have tipped Bojo beach as one of the neatest beaches in Ghana. Well, they aren’t far from the truth. Bojo is very special because it is one of the few island beaches in Ghana. Bojo beach is sandwiched between a lagoon and the sea, giving a unique feel of freshwater at one side and salty seawater at the other side. You can request an indigenous canoe ride to explore the beautiful coastline.

Bojo Beach Resort Accra is located next to the Densu River Delta, Ramsar site and the Atlantic Ocean.

With stunning views Social Media fans cannot wait to share their Bojo Beach expereinces

5. Ada Beach

At the point where the Volta lake meets the sea is where you will find the uniquely aesthetic Ada beach. This beach has pure white sands and a breathtaking view that captivates guests.

Ada is located on the coastline about 100km from Accra. It’s a beautiful place to take a weekend break or experience the beauty of Ghana. The beach is also home to many seabirds as well as endangered species of turtle. Ada is not only for relaxation, but it also connects you to nature.

These are major tourist beaches in Ghana that any tourist or beach lover should visit. Beaches are a great way to relax and get to experience not only the culture of a country but the people as well.

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