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The perfect Staycations Destinations in Ghana

by The Ghana HIT

Ghana is a beautiful West-African nation well-known for its culture and history. Many people travel to explore this nation. A perfect staycation can make your trip more perfect. All the major Ghanaian cities feature great staycations. Some of the most perfect staycations in Ghana include;

La Palm Royal Beach Hotel

It is a four-star beach staycation with exciting activities to participate in. La Palm is only a ten-minute drive from the capital city of Ghana, the great Accra. The rooms are made in a way that guests can admire the surrounding regions from the comfort of their beds. The resort features a prominent dining place, a modern swimming pool, well-kept accommodations, and a great spot. La Palm Royal Beach offers serene tropical experiences to its visitors.

Blue Diamond Beach and Spa Resort

It is a famous luxurious staycation, mainly associated with rich people. Blue Diamond Beach guarantees some memorable experiences to all age groups. All the amenities in this resort are modern, and their services are top-notch. Visitors can participate in volleyball games, among other activities. Relaxing at the serene beach area is so interesting. The hotel features a restaurant, bar, luxurious outdoor pool, and spa center.

Kempinski Hotel Gold CoastIt is a well-known spot in Accra City. The five-star staycation center features luxurious rooms, well-furnished and air-conditioned rooms, an Outdoor pool, Hot tub, restaurant, bar, fitness, and spa center. The Perfect Staycation embraces quality amenities and handles its guests as royalty.

Aqua Safari Resort

It is one of the best staycations in Ghana, adorned with some exceptional amenities. Aqua Safari Resort is on Agorkpo Street in the Ada Foah region. Some of the top facilities in this staycation include a fitness center, free Wi-Fi, a Restaurant, an outdoor pool, a spa, and Buffet services. Aqua Safari Resort has a well-structured design that excites many visitors. The restaurants prepare great meals, and the staff can set up a romantic environment and lovers. Most couples go to this resort to have private time and bond.

The Palms at Prampram

It is situated Prampram region in Ghana. It is an eco-paradise spot that receives a significant number of tourists each season. The Palms at Prampram are known for their classy and private facilities. It offers fantastic guest amenities with a scenic landscape facing the Atlantic Ocean. Essential facilities include a Pool table, Beach Balcony Lounge, well-furnished rooms, Mini-Golf, Spa and Massage room, and many others. It is a perfect choice for anyone looking for a peaceful environment.

Movenpick Ambassador Hotel

It is a five-star lavish staycation hotel situated in the great Accra. It is approximately twenty minutes from Accra National Museum. Movenpick Ambassador Hotel features a large modern pool, air-conditioned rooms, fully-furnished rooms, comfortable beds and mattresses, a bar, a restaurant, and room services. It is a perfect place for anyone looking for a classy and luxurious environment. Since it is a less-crowded place where relax and meditate.

Lansdowne resort

It is a fantastic staycation for lovers and married couples. Lansdowne is meant for romantic vacations. It is one of the most romantic places, so you can take time to build or rekindle your love. The experiences at this spot are memorable; you can swim at the infinity pool or hike within the resort. Lansdowne features a tennis court, a yoga retreat, a hot tub, a bar, and a restaurant.

Aborigines Beach Resort

It is a favorite honeymoon resort situated in the Keta region of Ghana. Aborigines Beach Resort features classy beach chalets, a bar, a grill, a restaurant, a jet ski, an outdoor pool, fully-furnished and air-conditioned rooms, volleyball, and a recreational area. You can create lasting memories with your loved one by relaxing at the beach huts, swimming, or diving underwater. It is just fun for you.

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