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Why Achimota Golf Club is the most preferred club by most tourists

by The Ghana HIT

The British introduced Golf in Ghana to eliminate their boredom and their nostalgia. Golf is an exciting source of entertainment for both locals and tourists. Although there are various Golf sporting areas, Achimota Golf Club is the most preferred one by most tourists during their vacation in Ghana.

The Achimota Golf Club is situated in a woody area of the Achimota School, near the Achimota Forest. The club is around ten kilometres from the great Accra city, but its offices are not situated in this woody area. The road to this site is not in a good state, and therefore, you can take more time to access this club. The Achimota Golf academy has been very helpful in increasing the awareness and curiosity for the sport and has facilitated the training of some golfers who have flourished in this field.

Currently, the Achimota golf club has a well-designed Intercontinental Golf Course and a PRO shop. The shop has all the things that golfers require to get ready for any game. There is a luxurious Bar and Lounge where you can get some refreshments after the game. It is an open place for anyone who wants to learn golf, golf fans, and golf experts.

The nearest accommodation is the GreenViews Apartment, where you can spend your night after a long day. The Apartments are fully-furnished, with well-maintained rooms and peaceful and beautiful surroundings.

The Achimota School significantly contributed to the growth of Golf in Ghana. Some of the early teaching staff in this School, such as the principal, loved playing golf. He was Scottish, and due to his influence, the population of people playing golf in the great Accra increased immensely. Most of the staff had some experience from home countries. The nearest golf courses were at Christianborg, commonly known as the Beach Courses, and the drive from Achimota to Accra took some time. The pathetic roads made consistent trips to Accra very time-consuming. This made them discover that the Achimota School grounds had enough space suitable for the Golf Course.

The Achimota staff formed a Staff club which later developed into school facilities. The Anti-Malaria authorities cleared the long grass and shrubs around this place. This made it conducive for setting up a Golf Course here. A seven-hole golf course was initiated, and the Achimota Staff Golf Section was made. The journeys to Accra came to an end, and the staff could have fun, exercise, and enjoy.

Later the Golf Course added two more holes, making it nine holes. During this time, only the school’s staff played on the Golf Courses, and of course, some notable members of the society became nominal members. The Achimota Golf Course made history in 1940 after holding the first Ghana Open Championship.

The Golf club was made public and accessible to the entire community in 1955 because the other Golf Courses in Accra stopped operating. The school added nine more holes due to the increasing number of players and those interested to play.
To improve the course and advance it to modern standards, several minor works were held by the Achimota Community. Some of the significant enhancements to this course included building hazards, planting trees, reverting fairways, and re-arranging the order of play.

The sequence of play was re-arranged to offer a better balance of play and enable the participants in the clubhouse to get the game on the first and last two holes. The availability of water and the establishment of an Irrigation scheme contributed to the upgrade of the course to global standards.

If you love golf sports, the Achimota Golf club is the best place to visit during your holiday in Ghana. Several assessments have been conducted by several professionals, and they have proved that this is an ideal site.

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