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The Dimensions of a Healthy Life

by The Ghana HIT

Although most people only think that the health and fitness dimension is only physical fitness, this sector is divided into various dimensions. Health is a complete combination of physical, mental, and spiritual welfare. Health and fitness is a routine and tailored approach to living in the right way; it involves living life fully.

Health awareness and wellness demands sacrifice and self-responsibility. Wellness includes eight jointly interdependent dimensions, which include physical, intellectual, emotional, social, spiritual, financial, vocational, and environmental. All the dimensions should be fully attend ended to because disregarding one will definitely affect the other dimensions and the quality of life. Although it is not a must to balance all of them, do not abandon any of them. It is so challenging to make the proper health and fitness choices. People’s behavior depends on various factors. The major factors include;


Self-regulation is the capacity to control our behavior and other desires to meet specific standards and attain certain goals and objectives. This factor allows us to work towards achieving short and long-term benefits, according to our deepest values. Although the body wants to conserve that energy, self-regulation demands a lot of mental energy.


Habits don’t require a lot of mental energy. It is a very influential factor; around fifty percent of daily behavior is recurrent in the form of habits. Habits outline our existence and eventually determine our future. They are very significant in health and fitness, and they impact our health, well-being, and value of life. If you change your habits towards the right things, you definitely change your life for the better.

Once habits are formed, they become programmed in brain structures, and it becomes difficult to get rid of them. Changing a pattern is not easy; it involves creating new routines and abandoning the old ones. Coming up with new practices is challenging despite being aware of their benefits. Good strategies help learn new strategies.


Coming up with strategies that improve your chance of developing new habits really stimulates your success. Some helpful plans in the journey of change include scheduling, abstaining, investing in accountability systems, improving sustainability, and monitoring all the progress. Other strategies involve coming ups with safety measures, noticing excuses and false assumptions, and working towards eliminating them. It involves using rewards to motivate you to stay focused and starting with habits that direct self-control. Some of the most successful practices demand harmonization of various strategies to fully establish a new routine; therefore, many strategies improve the results.

Change your behaviors and change your life.

Changes may take a lot of time before it is effective. The process of change in one’s life involves recurrent experiments and disappointments. Daily efforts are indisputably meaningful, which slowly leads to success and victory within time. It is good to remain focused on the long-term goals such as benefits of health and fitness and improved quality of life. If you are expecting more, it is advisable to challenge yourself to adopt good habits and focus on the future.

Wellness is a lively, self-motivated, and changing process. It is a routine and modified approach to living a better life. This motivates you to become a better person and the best version of yourself.


Self-awareness is the knowledge about your aspects, such as whether you are promotion or prevention-focused or if you prefer taking big or small steps. Self-awareness is knowing all your strengths, skills, and weakness and focusing on the strengths more. Adapting to new changes is much easier once you focus on who you are and include routines that all advantage of who you are. It helps you nurture the habits that work for you. The usual inclinations for sleeping and waking up significantly affect our energy and productivity at various times. The step to improve your fitness cannot have any positive impact if you are unaware of the best time to exercise.

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