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Why Camping is Famous Leisure Activity in Ghana

by The Ghana HIT

Ghana is a beautiful and vibrant country with fascinating tourist attraction sites. It has incredible hiking pathways, camping sites, and calm and peaceful relaxation sites. There are various activities and things that you can engage in during your visit to Ghana. Playing football, golf, camping, swimming, and surfing are the leading leisure activities visitors engage in.

Camping is a relaxing form of entertainment that attracts a large number of tourists from various parts of the world. The Tourism tourism authority has various camping sites within the main cities and far away from the cities and noise. Statistics indicate that many local and international tourists enjoy camping at places far away from the main cities when visiting Ghana.

The leading and most preferred camping sites include;

Kakum National Park

Besides Kakum National park being a prominent National Park in Ghana, it also offers excellent camping services. Kakum National park is perfect for adventurous camping in a thick forest. The staff and management of this park have essential camping facilities such as sleeping pads, cots, nets, tents, and much more for the people who show up unprepared. All these camping facilities are accessible at favorable charges. Afafranto is a camping region within the Kakum National park. Kakum Park has a tree house that accommodates between twenty to thirty people going to camp. Camping at Kakum National park is an exciting experience.

Blossom Gardens

Blossom gardens is a beautiful camping destination in the Eastern regional capital. It is a private garden and a famously peaceful, quiet camping area with superb facilities and amenities. Apart from camping, tourists can engage in several other exciting activities when camping in these gardens, such as bird and butterfly viewing. The cost of accessing this camping area is favorable. If you are adventurous, Blossom gardens should be on your top list.

Shai Hills Resource Reserve

Shai Hills Resource Reserve is a beautiful camping site with lots of exciting activities to engage in and enjoy your stay in this reserve. It is a fascinating tourist attraction site that attracts a large number of tourists from various regions of the world. This reserve guarantees impressive sunset views and endless fun to all its visitors. Tourists enjoy camping and spot wild animals such as zebras and baboons.

Gomoa Wonderland

Gomoa wonderland is a fantastic camping destination, accessible at reasonable rates. Besides camping services, it offers other exciting activities and games, such as boat riding—a vibrant retreat destination with a friendly environment favorable for endless entertainment and fun. Camping facilities include a tent, breakfast, and boat riding.

Gomoa wonderland offers fascinating sunrise and sunset views to all adventurous seekers. Although group camping is common in most parts of Ghana, Gomoa offers custom-made services to everyone, regardless of their age.

Big Milly’s Backyard

It is an amazing camping destination and a famous stop for many adventure seekers. It is generally crowded during the weekends; therefore, if you like privacy, you can visit this site on a different day. Big Milly’s backyard serine and calm environment and proximity to the capital city make it a favorite camping site to many people. Although it started as a guesthouse, it is currently a preferred site in Ghana. The charges of accessing this site are favorable to many people regardless of their budget. Big Milly’s backyard neighbors several prominent surfing beaches, and therefore many people have double fun, camping, and surfing.

It is advisable to pack all necessities before going to camp, especially when you are on a tight budget, or else you will end up spending more than what you budgeted for. You can also book in advance.

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