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Why you should consider Ghana for a Summer Vacation

by The Ghana HIT

It is mainly Sunny

Although Ghana experiences rain and a dry season, the temperatures remain humid throughout the year. Ghana is the best place for people who enjoy summer and tropical heat. The normal temperatures are around 27 degrees on many days of the year. Ghana is a summer country with plenty of fruits and vegetables throughout the year. The major fruits and vegetables are mangoes, pineapples, cucumbers, peppers, papayas, eggplant, avocado, and coconuts. You can plan a trip to Ghana anytime because it is a summer country.

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It is extremely affordable.

Ghana is one of the world’s cheapest tourist destinations, so do not be afraid of high charges during the vacation. It is a highly affordable Summer Vacation destination. It does not require huge amounts of money to travel to Ghana. Ghanaian Cedi is cheaper compared to the US dollar and Euros. Although transport charges vary depending on the means of transport you use, services like air conditioning, and seat quality, transport is very affordable. Besides, accommodation and meals are quite affordable to all tourists. You can get a quality and rich meal for as low as ten cedis.

Ghana is very beautiful and colorful.

Ghana is beautiful and has various beautiful sites to explore. The environment is calm and serene for relaxation. Tropical fruits are on most streets, and they even make the city more beautiful. A vacation to Ghana gives you a chance to explore the gold coast, go on a Safari in the savannah, and hike in the mountains and hills of the Ashanti and Volta region. Exploring the National Parks offers a great time to see various mammal species, antelopes, buffalos, monkeys, leopards, and hyenas. The ideal time to spot these animals is during the dry season when the animals are looking for water. Besides stunning Ghana, the country has good and welcoming people who love visitors. Ghanaian citizens mainly dress in brightly-colored African garments, which make them look more beautiful.

It is a safe Nation

Unlike most African nations, Ghana is a safe country to tour. Safety should not worry you when travelling to Ghana for a vacation. Their economy is great, and the country is politically stable. Traveling within Ghana is safe even for women who are alone. There are some minor crime problems, and therefore it is advisable to be careful.

Ghana has a great History.

After many years of struggle, Ghana was the first African nation to attain independence in 1957. Slaves were exported from Africa through Ghana. The enslaved people were tortured before being transported to various European nations. Although some slaves managed to escape, it was very risky to be caught while escaping. Most of the slave castles have been converted into museums which attract huge numbers of tourists each year. Apart from colonial history, Ghana has an interesting traditional history of how distinct tribes came together to form more than one hundred ethnic groups. Apart from visiting museums to learn about Ghanaian history, you can acquire books from some of the old bookshops in Ghana.

Ghanaians are welcoming

Ghanaians are friendly and welcoming to all visitors. They are open-minded and eager to meet tourists visiting their country. The people of Ghana also like sharing and prefer to eat good food together. Normally food is served in one big bowl for everyone, and you use your hands. It is so fun to hang out with Ghanaians; they always ensure you are comfortable and fully enjoy.

Ghana is an English-speaking country, so visitors who English as their first or second language normally enjoy it because there is no language barrier. Although the accents might be different, you will understand each other.

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