Home Food Wondering why #GhanaRiceDeyBe has been Trending on Twitter?

Wondering why #GhanaRiceDeyBe has been Trending on Twitter?

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The Ghana Buffer Stock Company and other institutions are all in support of the “eat more Ghana rice” campaign. They plan to roll out a series of interventions to sustain the drive for the consumption of local rice. 

The Chief Executive of the Company, Hanan Abdul Wahab, emphasized the importance of the steps taken to help local rice farmers, “Our plan is based on the expansion for foods for planting and jobs.”

This will help local farmers in Nothern Ghana, where local rice is getting wasted due to a lack of market and storage. 

Samuel Attah-Mensah, CEO of Citi FM/TV, has joined the drive by launching a campaign named “Ghana rice”. He aims to boost the consumption of local rice.

Many have taken to Twitter in support of this initiative with the #GhanaRiceDeyBe

Here are a few more tweets with this hashtag

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