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7 young men declared secessionists and remanded at BNI

by The Ghana HIT

7 young men, who were among 31 declared secessionists taken by the police in the Volta Region, broke down in tears after an Accra Circuit Court remanded them into custody at the Bureau of National Investigations (BNI).

The summoned individuals have been mutually charged with deception to commit a crime, fighting in the streets with weapons, and taking part in the campaign of an illegal organization namely Western Togoland, and to attend the meeting of the same.

The Court, lead by Mrs. Rosemary Baah Torsu, conserved their petitions before further evaluation into the matter.

The sued, Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) Sylvester Asare, beseeched the court not to take their appeal because their aim in court was to “get the accused remanded properly in custody.”

ASP Asare stated that the police were in court to fulfill a constitutional obligation of 48 hours and that the crime took place in another region.

Some security individuals from the National Security, BNI, the Military, and other related organizations had travelled to the Volta Region for more investigations, he said.

Defence Counsel, Theophilus Donkor, said that the police had already violated the constitutional obligation of 48 hours by keeping the accused individuals in Detention.

He insisted that the grant of bail was not based on the fact that blamed individuals petition had been taken or not, adding; “Every suspect is entitled to bail.”

According to Defence Counsel, some of the summoned individuals were only trading, some on their way to farms and others bathing when they were rounded up.

Counsel questioned prosecution over the arrest of the 19-year old lady, saying; “what strength has the 19-year old got to commit the offence preferred against her.”

He said that his customers had not been given food and had not taken their bath for the past three days in detention.

Mr. Donkor, thus, pleaded with the Court to order the State to give him and some relations access to the summoned individuals, while in BNI detention.

After listening to both sides, the court remanded all the summoned persons to come again on October 13 and instructed the State to give them access to their lawyer and relations.

It said the prosecution should see to it that they were given what they required, mainly food.

This yearon September 25, at Juapong in the Volta Region, the summoned persons, reportedly armed themselves with harmful weapons – cutlasses, rifles, and other related weapons – and involved in rioting concerning an illegal organization known as the Western Togoland group.

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