Home Entertainment Akrobeto threats to slap Bukom Banku when they meet.

Akrobeto threats to slap Bukom Banku when they meet.

by The Ghana HIT

Akwasi Boadi, commonly known as Akrobeto promised to slap Isaac Braimah Kamoko, whenever they meet because of bleaching himself. The skilled actor requested Isaac to stop bleaching his skin because it will affect him negatively in the future.

Speaking during his show, Akrobeto said, “Bukum stop bleaching your skin. Stop it. It is not good. I am ready to slap him if I see him anywhere and he is still bleaching. It is bad and it will have an effect on you so stop it.”

The Ghanaian boxer, Isaac Braimah Kamoko, revealed that this is his second time bleaching his skin. The main reason behind bleaching himself was to revive his dying popularity. Speaking during an interview, the Ghanaian boxer said, “This bleaching is for a joke. Just when my name is coming down small, then I do something then my name wakes up in Ghana and people will shout fresh, fresh. When I bleach myself, my name also wakes up but my big father tells me that make I stop so I stop.”

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