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How to Improve Employer Branding Using TikTok

by The Ghana HIT

TikTok is one of the leading social media platforms and a perfect site for employer branding. TikTok has been growing consistently; hence most employers rely on it to boost their brand presence. Branding helps you attract competent candidates and look more attractive to many people.

Choose an appealing username.

The first step is choosing an appealing username related to your business. You can create two TikTok accounts, one for your employer brand and another for your business brand. Remember to choose a username that makes sense. Always ensure that you don’t confuse potential candidates by coming up with too complicated names. Adding your business name to your account improves the chances of being verified by TikTok.

Come up with exciting Content.

It is not difficult to create TikTok content, regardless of your knowledge. You can easily record and edit a video of around fifteen to sixty seconds on TikTok. Besides, you can use effects and sounds to connect effectively with your target audience. If the goal is to boost your employer branding, focus on content related to branding. You can easily learn from other related accounts and formulate suitable content.

Advocate your Company Culture

Culture is the general belief, norms, and principles in a company. Most potential candidates find it interesting to know the standards of a particular company. You can create a video showing your daily schedule, how you work, and what the company has to offer at its head office. Most employees are curious to know what their regular work day will look like before being hired. Focus on advocating the culture of your company through your video.

Inform People that you are Hiring

It is good to inform your followers anytime you want to hire new people. You can make several videos concerning all the vacant positions in your company. Most people follow employer branding accounts with the aim of looking for job opportunities. You reach a large number of potential candidates anytime you create a video about vacant positions. It is so entertaining to market a vacant position using TikTok because there is no payment you make. The hiring video should be short, simple, and straight to the point. You can select a fifteen-second format and discuss all the vacant position details. Indicates the company’s location, the desired level of experience, academic qualifications, and the details about the daily job requirements. Please include the link they should use to apply on your Bio.

Do not Stop Posting after Hiring.

You should not stop posting after hiring successfully through TikTok, especially if you are operating a large company. There are so many advantages to continue posting content related to Employer branding after acquiring employees. Your target audience desires to see what is happening and the daily schedules of other employees. Posting improves the exposure of your brand and the publicity of your brand. It is so attractive for job seekers to stay connected with their potential employers.

Try to post a video every week.

It is not mandatory to create videos each day, but you should at least post one video each week. Never let your account stay dormant for an extended period. You can create two to three videos a week if you can. TikTok guarantees success on everything related to employment and employer branding.

Follow Trends

Viral trends are common on TikTok. TikTok easily joins a trend of any viral video; they twist it in their unique ways and then repost it. Following the latest trends offers a great chance to learn how to twist the trends so as achieve the desired content goals on your account. Several employer branding accounts are doing well by twisting content to meet the standards of their target audience.

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