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Andre Ayew recounts racist abuse in Russia

by The Ghana HIT

Swansea City and Black Stars forward Andre Ayew has said that he suffered racist abuse when he went to play against Zenit St. Petersburg in Russia during a Europa League game. The forward has said that people went to the extent of throwing bananas at him.

Speaking to Sky Sports Ayew said that it was important for people to change and be more accommodating adding people must fight to eradicate racism. According to the forward: “If you look back to the years before my dad’s time, it was even worse than now. These players like my dad paved the way for everyone to come in and prove that black people can do the job in Europe.

“I remember playing in Russia in the Europa League versus Zenit St. Petersburg, getting bananas thrown everywhere.

“People have gone through worse, I’m talking about my personal experience, but I’ve seen friends going through things and I just feel like that’s not how it should be.

“We need to make sure that we stamp our foot on the floor and make sure that it changes. Nothing’s easy but we need to keep going and not give up on what we believe in. I think that can take the world to another level.

“I think the movement can achieve what we all want – equality, that’s all. We’ve been through this so long that we just feel like enough is enough. Let everything be okay for everyone, let’s just let it be equal for everyone.

“It’s going to be hard but if we all keep believing and feeling like everything we’re doing is right and for the right cause, then I think that we’ll make it.”

In recent days there has been a lot of activism in sports with players advocating for equality and the end of racist abuse.

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