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Everything You Need To Know About The West African Food Festival (WAFFEST)

by The Ghana HIT

APCN established the West African Food Festival with the aim of promoting West African cuisines. Apart from promoting cooking skills, the festival also encourages food tourism, cultures, music, and workforce development and promotes committed chefs. The West African Food Festival coordinators revealed that the 2022 festival edition would be held in Ghana from 30th October to 6th November. According to the organizers, this festival is a great platform to promote west African cooking skills. Various West African countries will be given a chance to display their dishes during this food festival. The festival will feature young chefs cooking competitions and a general class where lessons about the making of varied West African cuisines will take place. The festival will create a fantastic chance to educate the world about west African dishes.

Nigeria was the first West African Nation to start holding an annual food festival, and then Ghana followed suit. The first-ever mega food fair was held in Nigeria in 2016, and the trend has continued. At the initial stages of this festival, the only participants were small restaurants, food vendors, and small-scale food manufacturers, but the festival has been improving over the years. It is currently a great platform to showcase locally manufactured products and services. The Internet has so much information regarding foods from different cultures and how you can prepare such food. Most upcoming chefs confirm many things from the internet, and this has resulted in growth and success in various dimensions. The foods West African people eat and how they consume these meals are changing in line with the faster-paced lifestyles and the variety of choices available.

Although modern society is giving food some attention on most social media platforms, Festivals are still significant because they help many people appreciate foods by tasting, smelling, and even touching them. Most people use social media to advocate for some dishes by posting them; therefore, their followers see them but do not fully interact with them.

This food festival’s key coordinators and planners are people driven by so much passion for food and event companies. Most organizations, such as Guaranty Trust Banks, have joined efforts to support the West African Food Festival and make it a success. Most of these organizations supporting the festival have also benefitted a lot by creating a positive image for their brands. This festival attracts international and local tourists interested in learning more about West African foods. There are many benefits that come with holding such festivals besides just attending to taste or buy these foods. There are several benefits, such as;

Food festivals offer a great chance and a fantastic opportunity to learn more about all the trending food habits. Most chefs and restaurants get to know all the trending ingredients and respond to all market demands. Besides, you get to learn other recipes and how to prepare a certain meal in varied ways.

There is a huge tourism potential during these festivals whereby resorts and hotel managers get a fantastic chance to host all the tourists attending these fairs. Besides, they also engage other potential clients. Retailers and manufacturers of kitchen equipment, utensils, and all food-related products find these festivals significant to demonstrate their products. Food logistics organizations taste and identify all the potential food vendors who can work with them in the future. Food bloggers get more than enough content to work on because recipe inspirations usually are many in these fairs. Online followers receive all the food samples and try the dishes on the blog. The West African countries anticipate that food festivals will continually evolve, grow, and improve.

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