Home News Floods in Ejura have destroyed more than 200 acres of Rice.

Floods in Ejura have destroyed more than 200 acres of Rice.

by The Ghana HIT

Heavy rains in Ejura-Sekyeduamasi have left many farmers in the Ashanti region counting losses. More than 200 acres of rice irrigation farms are currently covered by rainwater. SCIMP and ALPHA are the major irrigation sites in this region.
The floods demolished the irrigation site boundaries and swaggered over the farms immersing the rice in water.

The affected farmers noted that they had incurred a lot of loss as they had invested a lot of money in this project. “We are counting losses as we have been badly affected following a heavy downpour. Our rice farms have been submerged, and we have lost everything. We are therefore appealing to the authorities to come and help us.” The farmers’ management has already made an official report to the ministry of food and Agriculture (MOFA) and other accountable government organizations. According to the administration, they have not yet received any support.

Ali Zakari is among the farmers who incurred losses due to the floods, and he has requested the government assist them in rebuilding the damaged irrigation boundaries. “I have lost over eleven acres as a result of the rains this year, but we have reported the issues to the authorities concerned, and we are hopeful that we will get the needed support. In the interim, we want them to fix the irrigation sites for us.” The National Disaster Management Organization (NADMO) has visited the region to determine the extent of the damage.

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